10 Events You Can Easily Write Songs About (part 5)

Today you’re going to add another 10 incredible items to your already-existing list of 40 topics you could easily write songs about (subjects, emotions, actions, places). Today, we’re gonna focus on Events! Events that will easily summon your inspiration and flow on paper effortlessly. Let’s get right to it!

10. Birthdays

One of the most joyous celebrations of the year, and more likely than not, the most personal as well. It’s only once a year and you deserve all the good times you could possibly get on such an occasion. Now get to share with your fans what you did on your day, where you went, how you felt, who showed up, your new resolutions, what you think a new year will bring into your life, and everything related to your birthday.

9. Weddings

Although many may not believe in this institution anymore, and we completely get it, for those who do, this is your opportunity to go in on that puppy love, pretty gown, eternal vows. Actually, on the other side of the coin, you could write a song on why you think this is pure BS. There are no limits and no one can tell you differently. Have fun!

8. Holidays

There’s too many holidays in a year for us to even count them down. Just for you though, here’s the TOP important ones: Christmas, Easter, New Year, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day. Whatever holiday is closest to your inner beliefs and genuine joy, lean in and make it all come together on paper.

7. School-related Events

You might be going back to it, you might be taking a break, you might be enrolled in boarding school, maybe you switched from a state school to a private school, or you’re graduating, or you dropped out, honestly school does take a major part of our formation years as a personality and individual. You might be 50 years old but I bet you still remember the 1st teacher you had a crush on or that asshole who used to downgrade your papers all the time. Since school is relatively early in your lifetime, your emotions are through the roof during that period and at that stage. Tap into that. There are more people dealing with the aftermath of school than not. My post-soviet educated fellow artists know exactly what I’m talking about. A crippling nightmare.

6. A New Flame

Say you’re in a new relationship after the last one went badly, or you’re entering a friends-with-benefits arrangement, or you’ve had the affair of your lifetime this summer and now you’re reminscing, whatever it is that instigated those ”butterflies”, dive all the way in emotionally and freeze those moments in time by writing about it.

5. Retirement

Not in the traditional sense. But hey, if you’re that lucky, why not! I think Saruman (Christopher Lee) will go down in history not only for his incredible acting skills but for his metal album released in his 90s. IN HIS NINETIES! Although not many will get to live as long as Christopher, we do get to retire from other things: retire from a shitty job, retire from the hustle, retire from a toxic relationship, retire from poverty, retire from the fear of saying NO, retire from your old self. Whatever you have proudly put an end to, that is RETIREMENT. So write about it.

4. A Break Up

Broken hearts make poetical songwriters. Pain creates art. Phoenixes rise from ashes. It might be dark being in the middle of it BUT… it will make you feel so much better if you put all your frustrations in a song and let it go.

3. Divine Intervention

Or a total clusterfuck. It usually is one of the two. And usually the shitshow turns into a divine intervention later down the line when you understand it wasn’t a set back, but a set UP. I am willing to bet this morning’s coffe money on the fact that when you had to take a drastic decision, it was because something out of your control happened and you needed to react in order to save yourself. Or when you had a close call and it only dawned upon you much later that had you not been doing X in the time of Y, you’d be dead by now. That my friend, is the divine intervention.

2. The Loss of Someone You Love

Probably THE MOST TRAGIC event in any human being’s life. Because when something bad happens to you, you might get frustrated but you can deal with it. You can debate it, discuss it, plan for the future etc. But when someone dies, you can’t do shit about it. There’s no one talking back, no one answering your questions, no one to defend themselves, no one to blame. Just emptiness. And then this funny brain of ours does a trick on us making us remember only the good times and triggering us into guilt for having felt angry at that person at times. But hey, he wasn’t perfect, you are not perfect, no one is. If you were angry, you had your reasons, if you were sad, you had your reasons, if you ignored them, you had your reasons. Write a heartfelt song about this weird but necessary part of life and what you’ve learned from it. But please, never talk yourself down out of guilt. That’s just your brain exaggerating.

1. The realization of something you’ve always dreamed of

And nothing is more beautiful in this ephemeral life than actually achieving what you’ve always wanted. I truly hope each one of you reading this right here, right now, gets to experience this euphoria. It’s a blessing and a curse. A curse because achieving a life-time goal means you’ve grown up and achieved the most important thing in your life-time and probably, nothing else will ever feel as surreal or as extatic. You’ve seen everything, done everything, sacrificed everything, and now… you’re finally HERE. Now your journey of giving back begins. There’s no time in between, no time to really sit back and relax. If you’re an artist you just keep going from one achievement to another, from one song to another, from one music video to another, from one collaboration to another, until it all slows down and you realize you’re at the end of race. But hey, you got to live IT! and just maybe, it was all worth it and you can count your past success in the hearts you’ve touched and influenced.

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