Twist It Up by Hitman Chris, Flowing Better Than Your Favorite Rapper

You know what’s fascinating in discovering unsigned artists? Their true-to-God talent. And Hitman Chris blends a ridiculously good flow with a simplistic beat, obtaining a song that will have you moving your head approvingly shortly after the song has started. Today ladies and gentlemen, you’re gonna discover Twist It Up.

Fancy words? Check. Fun flow? Check. Substance? Check. Metaphors? Check. Punchlines? Check. High audio production? Check too. And if you needed any extra convincing, get this: there’s NO hook but you WILL listen ALL of the 2 minutes and 19 seconds.
I’m bout to twist it up, rip it and get ridiculous/ The physical image of all the hate that you been livin’ with/ A flick of the wrist, make em vanish like a Houdini trick/ And through the clear of the smoke you’re never seen again/ A veteran, born with a lyrical type adrenalin/ So when I’m goin off, it’s a like very rude awakenin” – ouch! I feel sorry for anyone who got bad blood with Chris ’cause it sounds like he could smoke someone’s ass in 2 lines and a couple of rhymes. A healthy dose of confidence that marks the beginning of Twist It Up.
As we move forward, you enjoy a much needed comforting flow: a mix of old school vibes à la Tech N9ne and vocal production done the modern way (intentional stutters, layered back vocals, high pitched FXs). Chris is in the right lane, as I strongly believe this is the type of rap music the new generation will promote after the end of a 10-year-old trend: mumble rap (Bye Future and don’t come back!).

Hitman Chris

Chicago’s Darth Vader forcin’ down a pint of jager/ The dark and light internal fight has taken a toll/ I’m spittin’ the vibes I’m feelin’ inside but without a meaning destined to throw/ The very core of me, into the grave accordingly/ I wonder why the man upstairs ain’t finally aborted me” – lyricism at its finest, a self assurance intertwined with existential questions. This is what mainstream media should offer the public more of. I’ll gladly trade someone like Post Malone for someone like Hitman Chris any day.
Bring the war to me, I’m bombin em all/ they topple and fall, I rock stop the moment I’m on/ OD on the dope shit, 2 – 20’s I’m focused/ Hitman he bringin them hits and you know this/ Yeah” – being the final lines of the song Twist It Up.
They say the world changes one person at a time, and if that is so, then I will educate our audience one reader at a time. With that being said, add Hitman Chris’s Twist It Up on Google Play HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on iHeart Radio HERE, and on Spotify below:

PS: A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Hitman Chris from the team of Blue Rhymez Entertainment! May this year bring you as many fans as you truly deserve to have!

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