Jdiggs Tha Prodigy, When Your Calling Is Both A Gift And A Curse

By the time Jdiggs Tha Prodigy hits the 1st verse of the song with the same name, you’re already hooked to the hook and rocking back and forth along with the beat: ”I’m the P R O D I G Y/ Beautiful mind in my head, see it in my eyes/ Cursed with a gift it should come as no surprise/ I’m a P R O D I G Y”. Tha Prodigy is a remarkably catchy song with a real message, that will boost your self-esteem and make you realize that your struggle might be coming from your own superior intelligence.

Tha Prodigy (Official Music Video) by Jdiggs Tha Prodigy

Ignorance is bliss and awareness hurts because awareness can only be appreciated by other like-minded individuals. But the beauty of being acutely smart is when you realize you’re not at all alone in your way of thinking, analyzing, expressing yourself. ”It’s a gift and a curse/ I’m destined for a hurse/ It’s a gift and a curse/ Lyin’ to myself but what could be worse?” – sings Jdiggs with no hint of autotune whatsoever (Thank YOU!). One has to admire his ability to stay on pitch while rapping too.
If you watch the music video in its entirety, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how despite super aggressive lyrics like ”Fighting my own reflection learn my lesson but I’m still/ Loadin’ the Smith & Wesson ain’t no guessin’ who I’ll kill”, Jdiggs actually portrays a calm, confident man in his home environment, being super chill and getting ready to leave the house. A stark contrast between what one would imagine when hearing the song alone, opposed to seeing the accompanying music video. That goes to show Jdiggs is a conscious artist, showing his disdain towards weak-minded individuals in his lyrics, but keeping it real in his video.
Jdiggs goes to share his upbringings straight to the point: ”Tryna be heard was the only goal I had/ Single parent household with no mom just my dad/ Spent more time by myself than I did with a role model” – which leaves quite the impression on the listener because single mothers are unfortunately, a common occurence, while single fathers, on the other hand, much rarer. One can not help but admire Jdiggs’ vision of himself in correlation to the world: a lyrical lone wolf conscious of his ephemeral life, while still pushing for a major impact through his words (Room full of people but I still feel alone/ Even tho it’s in my hand ain’t nobody hit my phone/ Got a real bad bitch but she only want the bone/ Just cuz I’m a Gemini doesn’t mean I need a clone).
Speaking of the mix, the voice matches the beat perfectly in a powerful duality: you got modern instruments combined with old-school-like vocal layering. The light throwback vibes come to proeminence especially during the hook, when you hear those multiple vocal tracks equally balanced on both the Left and the Right side. A due shout out goes to Deluzion Productions.
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Review by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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