On Top Of The World By Maurice Weeks, Trapping While Singing And Being Great At It

I’m feelin’ like I’m sittin’ on top of the world/ and I’m just waitin’ for the moment to shine on” goes repeated twice the hook of On Top Of The World, a radiant, positive single created by the high-quality collaboration of Maurice Weeks and Young Noble. The breezy instrumental clicks splendidly with the uncluttered vocals of both artists, making this song an incredible earworm after just one listen.

On Top Of The World presents the listener a pleasing, laid-back instrumental, that is somewhat uncommon to today’s music trends. While everyone else is going for dark vibes and mysterious agendas, Maurice Weeks opts for being excited about life and sharing his positivity with the world (think of Mr. Worldwide but with more swag). That tells me Maurice does what HE likes doing, without trying to fit in the mass musical movement. And we like an independent-thinking artist!
Maurice Weeks starts off the song talking about his material possessions, while being genuinely jubilant about his lifestyle, later on even flirting with a dancer, complimenting her on her hip moves (I like that thing you do/ With your hips/ Before I touch you/ I want you to give me/ all your attention). Before sliding into the 2nd hook, he proves to want the best for his taste buds too: ”I tell her let’s go get that bottle of Dom Perignon/ And let’s get it cracking”.
What stands out, is how Maurice manages to adapt the trap style when SINGING, and sounding very good while doing it! This was the most mind-boggling thing to us about On Top Of The World. And his voice harmonizes remarkably well with his chosen style, being mature but not overtly serious.
Young Noble, the collaborating artist of On Top Of The World, takes the middle section of the song, at around 1:20, and irronically, adapts a clean-cut rapping style counterbalancing Maurice’s trapping vibes: ”Yeah, I’m just waiting for the moment/ Top of the world, feel like we standing on it/ I guarantee you Imma get it if I want it/ One of a kind, no competition for my opponent”.
Maurice leads us once more into the catchy hook after Young Noble’s part, and we get to enjoy the instrumental for another 25 seconds, and that’s when we discover something else: Asian percussion meshed with the ’90s classic hip hop drums. Simply: wow. Truly astounding how in 2 minutes and 35 seconds we get originality at its best.
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Review by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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