Live from the Natural State by Frankie Da GameSpitta, The Anger Many Black Men Are Feeling Right Now

After you hear his flow, you understand exactly WHY he chose his stage name to be Frankie Da GameSpitta. From flawless flow transitions, to relevant messages about the current mood of the world, and shamelessly obliterating phoney rappers, Live From The Natural State brings the cold truth to the listener, portrayed in a perfect mix of voice and instrumental with the strength of a thunderstorm.

After the eerie piano intro and the light snare and drums, we get introduced to the mood of the song right upfront from Frankie Da GameSpitta: ”Keep a pen on me use it like a 40 Cal./ Murdering you muthafu*kers, run you out my city now./ Embarrassed when I say I am rapping, simple fact of trapping rappers./ Killing the coach of Bars, I shoulda been coaching you boys,/ “It’s Frankie””. Those first bars right there, although super confident, denote a subliminal rage that will give you goosebumps right away. Speaking of violence, the only way a rapper should use terms of guns and murdering, is exactly the one Frankie Da GameSpitta has adapted! Using your pen as the ”gun” to lyrically ”murder” others inferior to you. Rap music has always been about competition and outdoing one another in terms of mastering the game, so if you’re an artist, especially a man that is a father or plans to be one in the future, think really hard before romanticizing violence. Do not derail from what hip hop was created to be: a mental instigator for questioning the bigger agendas.
Frankie Da GameSpitta goes then to rap about putting his faith in God’s Son, then says something very interesting: ”Learn to think my thoughts myself, labeled me a conscious man./ Natural State My Birthplace. Got it tatted on my vein” if you didn’t catch it, let me help you. If you were to think all of YOUR thoughts based off YOUR conclusions, YOUR life experience, people that surround YOU, and YOU alone, wouldn’t you be a much better person? wouldn’t we ALL be living in a better world? There still might be racism and violence, but at least there would be an open frontline to talk about these issues. One can not change the world when the other party is not even listening.
But in my city just snakes and wolves. Take a pull./ Exhale conscious decisions no dream without a vision./ Motivation keep ‘em guessing./ My city needs me, don’t wake me I think I’m dreaming./ Beast mode Ahh, I am trying to get up in your feelings tho” – the straightforward message hits home whoever you are, wherever you are. Man or woman, you KNOW you most likely are teared down by the very people that have known you for the longest, because as they say, ”nothing is more painful than seeing someone coming from the same background, go much further than you did”.
Frankie Da GameSpitta’s rap skills really come through when he speeds it up for a moment from 01:08 to 01:36. Then the following lines, take the crown: ”Black mad man muthafu*ker keepin’ it together./ See I am sweating in the wintertime grinding with a purpose./ Ain’t no sleep ’til we all eat family spoke that/ And n****s really hate when n****s come together.” – we sit back thinking of all that’s going on around the world right now, but has anyone stopped for a second to ponder over how black men, amidst these crazy times, still have to keep it all together and still grind 24/7 to keep their families fed? That’s what tough people are made of. And Frankie Da GameSpitta has plenty to share with younger minds and 80’s babies (as he calls them) alike.
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Review by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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