KYD Works, The New York Virtuoso Rapper That Will Leave A Mark On You

It’s hard that I get hype, given that I curate daily over 100 songs, but when I do… I’m bouncing off the walls. And right now I’m having a party all by myself singing the hook to Gone (Hotter): ”Bitch I’m gone/ Hotter/ Makin’ moves like mobster/ Don’t bother ‘for I call up the shottas/ Bitch I’m Gone/ Hotter/ That’s yo bitch, well I popped her/ Bitch I’m Gone/ Hotter/ That’s yo bitch well I popped her”. KYD Works is a highly skilled rapper, a multi-faceted artist, and easily – a modern, visionary genius.

Gone (Hotter) Official Music Video by KYD Works

The video for Gone starts on a mysterious note, slow-mo’ed frames of a golden pocket watch, a deer head, an upside-down flipped red rose, a silver skull ring, a mystical woman in lingerie holding a machete, and KYD Works himself running his fingers on piano keys, and all of that in 12 seconds. Gen Z approves. The song in itself is an instant earworm, a complex masterpiece with plenty of aggressiveness and confidence at the same time, genuinely artistic, and just breathtaking when accompanied by the striking visuals.
I break the ice with the following question: ”Gone (Hotter) is a big improvement visually, and auditorily, from let’s say, videos you were putting out 3 years ago, like Elevator. What changed?” And KYD Works proceeds to say: ”Thank you. My understanding of how to deliver my message has changed. Over the years I studied different directors, producers, thus got more adept at verbalizing what I see in my mind, and working with the right videographers to bring it to life, is key.” – this level of professionalism takes YEARS, something that young musicians want to skip badly, until they see a video like Gone (Hotter) and are left chewing mentally on all the details for days.
When asked who can identify with the song’s lyrics, KYD Works explains: ”Gone (Hotter) is for every person that had to battle with their own demons, I was, and still am fighting for my sons in court. I wrote that when I found hope again and felt my flame return. This song is for any person that is on a mission to “get it done” regardless of what “it” is, there’s a moment when you realize you’ve “Gone Hotter“. I have to add here where I’ve felt personally that KYD Works was the flame HIMSELF: ”Kamikaze need proof/ I’m a Jin wit the juice/ Soul reaper (Achoo)/ Not near a God to bless you/ Dark lord I’m Akuu. (Yah)” – WOAH!!!

KYD Works

A second of silence for all the women looking at this photo right now. He’s taken ladies! 😀
Are you more like the person you introduced us to in Hallucinations (which is a lyrical, spiritual masterpiece) or you’re more like the savage version of yourself in Gone (who’s on the other side of the spectrum)?” I ask as I noticed 2 completely different personalities in the aforementioned music videos.
I am both and much more. I don’t deny myself the human experience which entails the spectrum of emotion and experience in and of itself, my music and being reflect that ideology. I am who I am meant to be at that moment in time. I believe in the Sage Warrior mindset, I am a being of light but I have stood in the darkness.” – shares KYD Works. I can already see the title of KYD Works’s self-help book: How to build your light from the darkness. I’d be the first in line to buy it and you’re about to find out why shortly.
You see, this man is in line with his own star. And when people do that, the Universe opens up ideas and thoughts to them, that the average person is too ”asleep” to get it. For example, in Hallucinations, KYD Works said something eerily relevant, although more than a year ago: ”They could kill a ni**a on tape and tell us that the sh*t fake!/ Who to trust?/ Too many crooked cops ya right hands a f*ckin’ op/ the same one to hug you storm ya crib like the juggernaut!” How does one look at those lyrics now, considering the global BLM movement? KYD Works goes to say: ”I look at them as foreshadowing, but at the same time it was current when I wrote it. Unfortunately the telling of the tale of our pain, fear, and plight is not new. The global BLM movement, or at least the energy of the people involved for the right reasons, is a beautiful thing. I see the paradigm shift, I feel the tides turning, but I know this is far from over. #RiseOfTheLost” – a brutal reminder that my reality is not your reality, and viceversa.

Hallucinations Official Music Video by KYD Works

Now let’s get to know the man himself ”Why the name ”KYD Works”? Hey! I know you been wondering just like I was! ”Killing Your Demographic Works, but I was originally just KYD in my teens, Kontrollin Y’all Dojas, implying I got my way from those around me. My homeboy, Shaq, was in a session with me when I did a freestyle and kept saying “Works”, so when I came out he pointed “that’s it.. you KYD Works!” I ran with it since and grew into Killing Your Demographic Works, ’cause I can’t be boxed in to any specific demographic.” shares our newest favorite artist. Funny thing is, I am not a ’00s kid but I do get excited, curious, and am sincerely impressed with how much thought goes into everything KYD Works does, says, writes, shows, portrays. This guy is like the friend I wish I had when life gave me lemons on sale.
So when did such a brilliant mind understand that music was his destiny?
KYD Works proceeds to divulge a most unexpected answer: ”In 2009 when I caught a case that led to me serving 3 years in the state prison. I realized my only chance to leave something positive behind was to give my life to the music. I would stay in the studio 9-12 hours a clip, no party mode, just me, maybe two friends, and the engineer. I would leave with no less than 6, sometimes 10 songs. Everything wasn’t gold, but I knew that was it. I connected with Tha Advocate from NJ and he put me on mixtapes and got me my first interviews, even connected me with a videographer that I still work with today. He shot Gone (Hotter)” We stan an artist that admits the importance of the contributing souls to his path. A sage warrior indeed. Also… a most savy entrepreneur!
As far as my research allowed, I’ve discovered you own 2 other businesses, a fitness company, and an entertainment company. Which one came first and which one makes you more money?” always putting my neck out there for those artists reading daily our articles. With the risk of sounding intrusive, I want to learn from KYD Works, for myself and for you, how he achieved his obvious financial freedom.
The entertainment company ”Lost Dynasty” came first, it’s the label, marketing, shows, production, etc. As an artist, especially when starting out, I was looking for a home that would appreciate my talent. When I didn’t find it, I created my own collective and offered it to all the creatives searching for a home. Then came Alpha Fitness LLC, which I started in prison as Works Fitness, but when I went to register while in college in 2014, I couldn’t use the name and Alpha Fitness was the lightbulb that went off. I went to my brother, who I was training at the time, asked him to be my business partner, and ever since, we’ve been growing the brand body by body. Overall Alpha Fitness is the bread winner at the moment.” – LESSON TIME everyone. KYD Works did what every artist in the world should do when faced with adversity: turn your skills into income. In 2020, especially after apocalyptic times like the global Covid19 lockdown, you MUST be great at MORE than just music. Whatever your second passion is, take it to the next level. When times get rough and music goes into incognito mode for an indefinite time, you will be fine. KYD Works is the future of the music business: entrepreneur first, musician second.

KYD Works

You are one of the few artists who is obviously very invested in the physical aspect as well. Can you explain how working out benefits your brain and subsequently your creative process?” I want to emphasize the importance of working out in an artist’s life, so let’s see what KYD Works has to share:
I’ve battled depression and still deal with anxiety. Physical exercise releases endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. We chase that release of chemicals through artificial means, usually drugs, but we can produce the purest, rawest form right in our brain. It balances out the negative chemicals, like cortisol, which impacts our physique negatively. Body image issues are real for men just as they are for women if not more so, since men are programmed culturally to be “tough”, so they fear expressing their doubts. Fitness got me through my teens, prison, and the darkness of my own mind. Consequently allowing me to be more creative mentally and physically. We are all art, some pieces are more refined than others. Balance only exists if you refine all 3: mind, body, and spirit.” – I know, he just dropped another bomb of wisdom and PRACTICAL advice. I wonder how much we could squeeze out of his brain if given a full 24 hr day limit.
One thing you wish you’d known before starting your music career?” goes our last question. To which he says: ”Trust your instincts and take the chances.

Note from KYD Works: Special Thanks to my children for being my primary driving force. My fiance, for riding with me through the darkness. My producer/brother/partner, Nick Price, for believing in the business, for making it more than just a dream. My partner/brother Blake “Alpha Ausar” for trusting the process and staying 10 toes down. To Dara Carrington, my sister/beautician/costar of Gone(Hotter), I couldn’t have made it happen without her. To KG for being a constant reminder I gotta take this shit all the way and stay true. To all of “The Lost” for continuing to hope, we are not alone #RiseOfTheLost. And you, Mariana, for the platform you offer and the time you gave to examine my art, Thank you. Stay Well.

It was an honor ”discovering” KYD Works and his infectious music. And we want to thank him for being honest and opening up about his past, his struggle, his resolution, his business, and his thought process. Make sure you add his music on Apple Music HERE, on Google Play HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Also, reach out to him directly on Twitter HERE, on Facebook HERE, and on Instagram HERE.

Interview conducted by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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