The Hours by Luiza Nis, The Rebirth Of Sunshine Pop

This single by Luiza Nis, one of our most beloved artists here at B.R.E., came as a complete surprise as it presented a marvellous sound to a forgotten genre: sunshine pop. Easy to listen to, with beautifully layered lush vocals, and a light musical arrangement, The Hours is a timeless-classic type of song.

Sunshine pop is a subgenre of pop music, often used as an escape from the earth-bound world, while also showing a deep feeling of appreciation for the lovely days of the past. I want to point out how Luiza’s cover artwork reflects just that: a warm pink color tone, soft makeup, golden sparkly chokers, and tears that looks extraterrestrial in their beauty, all these visual technicalities forming the image of an other-worldly being.
The thing about Sunshine Pop, is that it went into anonimity after the 1960s. And if you listen to The Hours, it sounds like an updated version of what was hot exactly 60 years ago, such as Never My Love by The Association. If we’re in for a modern comeback of the ’60s, Luiza Nis is the pioneer (mind you, The Hours lyrics video stands at almost 100k views,as of June 2020).
The feeling of love never shows itself straightforward in Luiza’s lyrics. It is indulged in slightly, only for the resistance to counterbalance it: “The hours keep on going on and on/ They feel like years without you in my arms/ Am I naive to think you feel the same?/ Maybe we didn’t get over the blame/ Of loving the same”.
Luiza Nis manages to effortlessly command the whole instrumental with her airy, warm voice, with a most artful pause and emphasis at around 01:10, “Way too late…/ Will this be worth the wait?/ Or maybe time will only/ Turn love into hate”.
The song’s simplicity, in this particular case, manages to create its unique, melodical grasp. The instrumental is splendidly combined with the main voice and we get to hear some impressively executed back vocals at around 02:18 until 02:28.
If you like soft pop, you will fall in love with The Hours.

Make sure you listen to The Hours by Luiza Nis on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Review by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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