Stay Woke By Dee Cores and Quota, A Much Needed Post-Lockdown Bop

Today we’re unapologetically covering a very entertaining rap record by the multi-talented Dee Cores and Quota, the collaborating artist. Stay Woke shines and glitters like a diamond-encrusted Louie bag, with a high-end production, pristine mix, and fun lyrics:I ain’t playing bro/ I’m making dough/ Same time you know/ I’m quick to let it blow/ They know/ Game time/ On the grind/ Overtime/ Larry my guy/ Yea we gon’ shine/ They know

The absolute best part of this song is that it grows on you with each listen. It’s fun the first time, it’s hot the 2nd time, and you’re rocking with it on the 3rd listen while singing along. Dee Cores’ vocals are gliding smoothly along to the beat and the soft piano notes in the background. The melodical flow is perfectly adapted to the mood and the instrumental, starting off by focusing on the mindset first: “I ain’t playing bro/ It ain’t a joke/ Range Rove/ When I’m posted/ With the bros/ Bring the hoes/ I ain’t with it/ It’s for you/ My ni**a go do you/ An’ tell her how you do”.
The setup was created for a much more vividly detailed scene: “I’m visiting all states/ I’m covered all state/ I’m mixing exotics/ I’m smoking this high grade/ Them ni**as irrate/ I f*cks with the timing/ My ni**as designing/ Seven C we in diamonds/ We ain’t doing consignment/ We don’t listen to Simon/ We be vibing on islands/ I diminish, I’m wilding” – whilst concise, the lyrics are sophisticated in their delivery and visual arrangement. The slight autotune actually makes for a great augmentation of the show-off feeling throughout the song. Big bonus points to Dee Cores for his musical ear in having created a hook that STICKS!
The unexpected arrival of Quota at 01:17 is incredibly well intercalated with Dee Cores’ parts: “8 hour flight I got it booked/ Duffle bag full of money/ On the move/ They know/ Rocking Versace/ Balmain my denims/ Dolce Gabbana shoes I paint it blue/ They know/ Shorty time that sugar no penicilin/ Weed that I’m smoking I’m on the ceiling/ Well ain’t that ’bout a b*tch/ Pockets hella thick” – this that time for one of those genius YT comments: ”this song makes me wanna go to Chevrolet dealership and Buy a Ford Mustang” 😀
Stay Woke is a light-hearted, refreshing, fun song about materialistic posessions and it dives into that go-getter mindset, which we badly need after a global lockdown, too many murders, and too much sadness.
Make sure you listen to the whole Self Entitled EP on Google Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

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