Balenciagas by GetRichYoungLT, A Lavish Statement Coated In Catchy Rhymes

GetRichYoungLT, an upcoming rapper from Michigan, US, is setting the foundation of his legacy through his notable single, Balenciagas, a collaboration song with two other artists, Jizzle and R3PlayHisMusic. Balenciagas is an extravagant song, with a materialistic focus, and upscale music production, that is also an instant earworm.

The song starts off with some incredibly melodical background vocals repeating “Oh Yeah”, then the hook kicks in with a luxurious defiance of authorities and with a modern reference to The Boy Who Lived: “I go to court in Balenciagas/ I bought that bag for his baby mama/ I keep that stick like I’m Harry Potter/ My old head taxed me f*cked his daughter”.

The second part of the hook is equally captivating and emphasizes the personal power a young man can extol by making his financial goals a priority, rather than settling down: “I’m pushing thirty/ No baby mama/ I ain’t gotta worry/ I ain’t got a problem/ It ain’t about sh*t/ If it ain’t ’bout a comma/ I just came here for the cash/ I just came here for the bags”.

GetRichYoungLT’s flow is invariable which parades his self-confidence as an artist, while also being capable of inflicting fun, longer endings to the rhyming words that give a gentler touch to the song as a whole. The tenor tonality is warm and tranquil, rendering Balenciagas a power statement record with lavish details.

The music video is a blast of fun color bombs, plenty of bursting champagne, stylish young men, exciting camera angles, stylized brand items, and what we assume, a whole lot of quality weed. At some point, we even get to see GetRichYoungLT sporting a fancy, black mask, which will serve as a historical reminder of the Covid19 lockdown period. In short: the music video will keep you entertained for all of its entirety, 3 minutes and 36 seconds.

Make sure you add Balenciagas to your Amazon Music HERE, to your Apple Music Library HERE, and on Spotify below:

Review by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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