Neo Trap by Miss Fluid, A Steamy RnB EP That 90s Souls Will Appreciate

If you miss the late ’90s, early ’00s modernized RnB sound, Miss Fluid is here to save your taste! Exuding natural confidence with every sung word, every spoken line, Neo Trap is a sexy EP, charged with grown woman vibes that will force you lean in and listen to Miss Fluid’s striking voice and impeccable delivery.

Miss Fluid’s potency as an artists gets to you straight from the start with her incredibly personal intro monologue, Kryptonite: “They call me Kryptonite/ Not just because the p*ssy is good/ But because my mind is tight/ Because I may be sweet and nice/ But I got a lot of spice” – she could drop the mic before she even started. The sober piano chords and the light claps adorn her voice immaculately, letting every word sink in deep. As she progresses, she details her bonafide-wife qualities that she’s willing to gift to the one she’ll choose: “But I am passionate about the one that I seek/ I cook and clean and I keep everything neat/ And I can make you feel like you’ve never actually met a freak”. ‘Nuff said. It is invigorating hearing such words spoken in poetry form by a modern, gorgeous, talented woman. When you’re done with Kryptonite, you are uncommonly curious about what she got in store for you for the rest of the EP 🙂

Take It Slow, the second track, kicks in with a splendid saxophone and Miss Fluid’s vocals following shortly after. As soon as you hear her, you realize she’s just introduced you to the sweeter side of her personality, which comes in stark contrast with the cocky attitude she showed in Kryptonite. Her voice is very well-controlled, pleasant to the ears, and easily memorable. The surprise element comes at the bridge (around 02:23 on Spotify), when she decides to slow it down instead of amping it up as usually singers do, giving a realistic vibe to this classy song.

Fluidization is probably the easiest song to accept off Neo Trap as it is a remake of Fergie’s 2006 major hit, Fergalicious. Compared to the original, Miss Fluid adds a more RnB-ish twist to her version keeping the hook very natural, with prolongued singing and less of the auto-tune, robotic effect.

What It’s Gone Be takes it up notch with a slightly faster-paced instrumental, and a phone dialogue between 2 lovers that sounds very much like their last conversation. This song gives off strong Keri Hilson vibes from the times she was the industry’s sweetheart. Maybe Miss Fluid will be able to continue where miss Keri left off. This quality, smooth voice, alluring personality, have been missing for a good while in the music scene.

Hood Classy, the last song off the EP, also my personal favorite, is the most upbeat track while displaying complex audio production and a mesh of Miss Fluid’s both sweet and boujee sides. “I’m not ratchet/ I’m hood-classy” goes the hook, being remarkably catchy and mixed well with the playful flow adapted for this song. Think of a blend between Ciara’s Gimmie Dat and Christina Millian’s Dip It Low.

Neo Trap is the perfect go-to short listen for any woman who wants to feel confident, empowered, and liberated by her assertive sexuality.

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Review by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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