Let Go by Dan Millward, The Perfect Electro-Pop Blast For Summer 2020

Breathe in, breathe out, hit PLAY ❤ Today we got the honor of reviewing a most beautiful song by Dan Millward, Let Go. This outstanding, summerish hit will fill your face with smiles, your ears with joy, and your soul with appreciation for your ability to experience love. If Dan Millward keeps up this quality of song production and brings forward his remarkable, natural singing abilities, we expect to see him charting soon.

From the very first seconds of Let Go, you realize the caliber of Dan Millward: NOT an independent struggling artist. This is a bona fide radio hit, right up there with Chainsmokers’ Something Just Like This, Jonas Blue’s Mama, Alessia Cara and Zedd’s Stay. All 3 minutes and 39 seconds extol Dan’s exceptional, smooth voice in what you immediately understand to be an ideal electro-pop production.

Wake me up/ Can’t forget you/ Lately I’ve been staying up/ Feeling low/ I’m still thinking of / When I met you/ Young love, but we drifted off / Down the road” – love is almost always painful, especially young love, but Dan Millward makes the best of this consuming feeling and puts it all together in a sort of ode to the memories one carries through life.

As the melancholic piano chords progress along with Dan’s voice, he leads us into the pre-chorus: “And time ought to heal, but I can’t put out this fire I know/ Cause I still wanna feel your loving taking me higher I know”, we MUST mention the fulfilling layered vocals composing this part right here. Just the right amount of echo, just the right amount of reverb, just the right amount of room, just damn right flawless.

The pre-chorus built the anticipation in a most unique way with the chorus stripping down the multiple backing tracks to the lead voice again: “Take me back when we were close/ That summer by the coast/ I took your hand and we danced till the sun would show/ It’s still the love I know/ Through sunlight and the cold/ Give me your hand and I won’t ever let go”. Huge credits go to Dan’s pitch-perfect delivery. It is a thing of the big classics. In case you didn’t know, only 1 person in 10.000 was born with pitch-perfect. A phenomenal voice indeed.

We then get a nice chunk of immaculate instrumental from 01:03 up to 01:22, with Dan’s Let Go echoing on a higher pitch in the background. And we get introduced to the song’s second part: “We said I’ll never let you go/ They said to make it on our own/ We let the pressure tear us apart then/ Grown up I/ Moved to the city in SoHo/ But I kept the picture of you close/ I never wanted to lose your loving”. We got a feeling this comes from Dan’s personal experience as in 2017 he moved from New Zealand to California to pursue music full time.

At 2:35 we get to hear the bridge, as it brings a much-needed closure on how he’s gonna deal with this feeling of lost love: “Tell me if I could be saving/ Your love isn’t fading, I need more/ Darling I will keep on waiting/ Cause there is no replacing you at all”.

Make sure you add this incredible song to your libraries on Apple Music HERE, on Google Play HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Review by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment

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