Make It Home by Nomad Mr. Murk City and Moviee215, The Anthem Self-Made Rap Artists Deserve

The new electric single Make It Home by the South Carolina native Nomad Mr. Murk City featuring Moviee215, is here to portray the rappers’ struggle in succeeding in their own hometown. With a sleek hook, plenty of ad-libs, deep bass, and playful drums, Make It Home showcases the ambition that resides in entrepreneurs born in high-crime cities.

The hook is a rather lengthy one that does justice to the message Make It Home is carrying, detailing a hustler’s rough beginnings, while also reminding everyone that the focus is on success and not on hating: “I sold a 4 out tha pack/ First ni**a try me get wack/ I got da Drac in tha back/ Nah I ain’t going out sad/ I use to trap out the cab/ Dry that dope in a towel/ Now I run up the cap/ Put my city on the map/ See I ain’t never been a hater/ I don’t know what it feel like/ I’m in tha trap posted up/ On the block every night/ P*ssy ni**a Yeah/ I’ma make it home/ That’s why I keep that/ Big 40 for ya dome”, the last verses depicting the need to protect oneself in a violent environment.

Whereas Moviee215 covers the melodic hook with a somewhat more relaxed version of the same lyrics, Nomad Mr. Murk City holds the track in its serious roots, emphasizing the anguish over the financial situation: “All my life been under pressure/ Like a ni**a under oath/ Got me stressing ’bout the money/ Pray I never go broke/ Hit tha trap roll a blunt/ Smoking gas on tha second floor/ Treat this beat like Ike did Tina/ You know what it’s hitting fo’ (p*ssy ni**a)

The two voices, albeit vastly different from one another, fit effortlessly together while complementing the light beat. This is one of those songs where the artists take the lead and determine the direction of the record. It could have easily been rapped at half the speed, but luckily for us, both Nomad Mr. Murk City and Moviee215 went for the energetic option, rendering the song a powerhouse anthem for self-made rap artists.

If we are to focus on the music video, there are some interesting features that stand out. The most straightforward one being the usage of a raw background, vandalized doors and old, gray bricks included. The atmosphere of the song is enhanced by the cold color tonalities omnipresent throughout the music video. It’s as real as it gets. Interestingly though, despite the sober vibes, the glimpses of the “made it” life are presented to us in subliminal ways: short snippets of expensive cars and the leather insides, custom-made embroidered jacket on Nomad Mr. Murk City, some serious glittering chains on Moviee215, the HD quality of the footage, display of some heavy shoe game on all of the present participating characters in the video.

Make sure you support Make It Home by adding it to your playlist on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Google Play HERE, and on Spotify below:

Review by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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