10 Modern ’80s-Like Songs That You Will Fall In Love With

One thing that 2020 brought and no one really saw it coming, was the strong ’80s comeback. It only takes a YouTube search of ’80s top hit songs and you will see a plethora of tweens commenting about missing times they didn’t even live, the days of no cell phone, no internet, fun fashion, cute aesthetics. The moral here is: too much of something is bad for you, meaning the youth got tired of overexposure to media, internet, technology and they crave a quieter world. But as we could never possibly go back to no-technology days, they revert to music from times that do portray their dreams. Here are 10 songs you’d never guess were created in the last few years that reflect this global trend in music.

10. Break My Heart by Dua Lipa

This girl single-handedly shifted the industry’s focus on the ’80s style. The only reason she’s taking the last spot in our list is that the retro vibes are mostly authentic during the hook. The verses carry on that modern, filtered voice sound. The visuals are super sick though.

9. Say So by Doja Cat

A genius move in having gone more the singer route than the rapper one. Had she not switched lanes, most likely we would have never known who Doja Cat is. The music video is an ’80s feast too. Just adorable.

8. Rain On Me by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande

Lady Gaga and Ariana managed to create what would best be described, in Dua Lipa’s words: “Future Nostalgia”. The music video is very obviously modern and futuristic but the song got the ’80s sound all over it. It also grows on you after the 2nd, 3rd listen. It’s not an instant earworm.

7. I Know A Place by MUNA

If it sounds like the ’80s, it looks like the ’80s, then it surely must be from the ’80s. And… no! Released in 2017 this song is a bop from the first hook. Easy to digest, memorize, and just plain easy to like. It deserves way more attention.

6. Physical by The Aces

We don’t know who’s managing Red Bull Records but they surely know who to invest in. The Aces have put out this gem in 2017 and it garnered over 6k likes at only +462.000 views. Fingers crossed they will gain more traction, thus making their older releases popular.

5. Heart & Thunder by the FIVE

We could not believe this song was produced in 2016. It is most impressive how all instruments are organic and played by a real band. And that guitar solo! ❤ someone give these guys a cookie. Or 5. They so deserve it!

4. Lying To You by the Goldroom

That retro blue-ish undertone along with the heavy synth make one damn masterful combination that will enchant all ’80s kids and new classic lovers alike. And please listen to their other songs as well. They’re really good.

3. Physical by Dua Lipa

We could not leave this one out as it is probably her top ’80s-like-sounding record off Future Nostalgia. The best part of it is that it is super enjoyable and doesn’t feel heavy on your emotions. Dua Lipa managed to create a retro song that doesn’t melancholize your spirit. We like that.

2. Faint of Heart by The Strike

The lead singer’s voice is just magnetic and it meshes incredibly well with the synthwave sound. The music video is also in a lane of its own, depicting “angels” and “demons” co-existing in this ephemeral moment. Art through and through.

1. Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

This songs undoubtedly takes the crown, being an absolute ’80s bop. From verse to chorus, bridge, vocals’ mixing, Blinding Lights feels snatched from 40 years ago. Nice change Abel.


  1. I don’t like contemporary music as it all sounds the same to me and I think talent has decreased over the last decade. But I listened to your songs and I really liked songs 9 and 4. Although I think technology is great, I do remember a time of simplicity without phones etc. I’m quite old in comparison to the generation you are writing about so it was educational for me as I can’t imagine what “young” people are through right now. Thanks for sharing


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