Who Hotta Than Me by Mz Chocolate, A Fiery Rap Banger For All Power Women

Songs like this are few and far between, with the last power anthem dating more than 2 years ago (Bodak Yellow by Cardi B). With an air of confidence that will leave you shook, an intent expression of getting things done, and a leaned-back flow that you’ll remember for days, Who Hotta Than Me by Mz Chocolate, is here to endorse boss women and getting the money you’re worth. A rap record that goes hard without being overbearing.

Jumping straight to the hook, Mz Chocolate introduces us to her superb voice, feminine yet strong and convincing, “Who hotter than me?/ Who hotter than me?/ who hotter than me?/ Bet it ain’t you…An effortless, simple chorus conveying an annihilating power that captures your attention instantaneously. You will find the combination between her voice and the beat pretty mind-blowing, sing-rapping along in a matter of seconds. She got this.

And speaking of that thick flute that’s leading the beat… It assumes a most important role by balancing the hardcore attitude with its lighter, softer sound. A genius move. And those drums… Why they so good? Those drums are on absolute fire, emphasizing the rhythmical flow and both stabilizing and adorning the entire production. It’s rather astonishing how the instrumental along with the Mz Chocolate’s voice, manage to get us pumped before we even get to the 1st verse. That’s what an excellent build-up does for the song.

We get to the highly-awaited verse by Mz Chocolate: “Hotter than a mother f*cker/ Blowing out smoke when I talk/ I don’t even smoke weed but I gotta lean when I walk/ These hating ass b*tches talking ’bout me when they talk/ I got a swag so mean if you want it it’s gone cost” you can’t listen to these lyrics without feeling like you’re the baddest b*tch alive. And the clarity she’s using when rapping! Admirable. You get every single breath, pause, emphasis. And Mz Chocolate comes off across as bold in her statements but you still like her, because it’s that type of calm confidence, real self-respect that doesn’t need to scream in your face to convince you. With few rhymes you already know she means business.

With her firm voice oozing self-assurance, Mz Chocolate goes on to talk about her views on female competition and handling business: “I will never hate on another b*tch/ focus on my mission and my mission is winning […] B*tch I’m bout my business/ ain’t looking for no handouts/ I know how to earn my cash”, we’d like to underline how Mz Chocolate is focused on succeeding and unbothered by other women’s success. Miss Nicki could learn a thing or two from this. Also, Mz Chocolate is well aware she has to put in the work to get cash value. A 2nd lesson for the artists waiting for the competition to just hand them out the 1st spot on charts.

After Kurt Dogg’s verse, also immaculately intercalated within the beat and production, we get a well-rounded ending with him saying: “I still got them things if you run up/ So holla at my homie Mz Chocolate on the come up (bitch!)”, and we greatly appreciate him handing over the crown of the song to Mz Chocolate as she absolutely ate that beat up. A gentleman in rap music is like a unicorn. Heard of but never found. Now we got a glimpse of one!

Who Hotta Than Me is a ridiculously catchy hip hop banger that will offer you a much-needed alternative from the very few female rappers the industry promotes. Mz Chocolate also got some hot wisdom to share and an impeccable business ethic. We badly crave such female rappers.

Make sure you do the right thing by adding Who Hotta Than Me to your music playlists on Apple HERE, on Amazon HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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