Piggy Bank by FuhReal, A Smart ASMR-infused Rap Record

Nothing’s harder to find these days than originality, and appealing at that. We got enough of the weirdness going on, so when you come across a fire rap song like Piggy Bank, that stands out but is enjoyable at the same time, you hold on to it. We are proud to introduce you today to FuhReal’s newest release that will have you feeling like a millionaire.

Where do we even start? Piggy Bank has an insane amount of details to unpack. Let’s kick it off with the first sounds we get introduced to. Those falling coins in the distance, interestingly enough, augment your mental concentration on the song. Whatever you got going on around you, you will suddenly focus on Piggy Bank alone and you’ll be waiting to see what the song will further unveil to you. Don’t believe us? Look at how the ASMR phenomenon (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) just blew TF up!
And those mysterious, airy bells… They’re building up a worthy setting for when FuhReal is going to drop bars. In all honesty, there’s a delightful freshness in using uncommon sounds to start off a hip hop record.

FuhReal then goes straight to performing the hook: “Got mo’ money in my piggy bank than you got in yo’ real bank/ Mo’ money in my piggy bank than you got in yo’ real bank/ I hustle, yeah I hustle/ Man I hustle, gotta hustle”, balancing the determined self-made attitude against the previous softer instruments. The hook is very singable, easy to follow, and vibrates with conviction. We approve.

As FuhReal proceeds to rap the first verse, it is noteworthy how he commands the beat and his flow is independent of what’s happening musically. An artist that leads the beat is an artist that can adapt to any type of music. Our favorite part of the verse: “Shoebox money, rubber bands, with some scratch/ Want that new rock money, light a blunt with some cash/ Investing in the future, keep yo’ money on the way/ Ain’t the type to make it rain, I prefer a sunny day/ In the system circulate, keep the cash tucked away”, from which you get some real, sound advice on managing your dollars (skip the clubs, invest it instead and have some cash too). Young people need to study these lyrics so they can get financially ready in case of another lockdown. We thank you FuhReal for promoting logical thinking.

Piggy Bank is filled with punchlines and smart word associations, rendering the song a sort-of study case: “Roofless with the beamer, yeah/ Hands up like a dreamer, whoa”, “Even playing tic-tac-toe I wanna f*cking take ya soul/ Know I’m going yard, AZ, call me Gonzo/ Hit the boulevard, hazy, in a Bronco”, “Testarosa kind of foreign, you gon’ need a different map”. The flow is moderately paced, highly entertaining, with some light touches à la 2000s new hip hop wave, and with a gripping power that will exceedingly overtake your auditory senses with every bar.

FuhReal’s Piggy Bank is the type of record that will both pump you up before a business meeting and boost the party mood alike. If you’re tired of the mainstream rap but you don’t want the formatless indie sound, get Piggy Bank on your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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