Neon City By Antone, The Next Music Wave Of This Decade

In the 6 months since we started this platform, this must be the most multidimensional-feeling-evoking project we got to review. If you happen to be an enthusiast of the ’90s techno music, or better yet, if you want to stay ahead of the trend, you will check out Neon City by Antone, as this is the music of the next generation. How do we know? It’s the 30-year cycle. Read below for future predictions and for a healthy dose of futurism.

Neon City is a reminder of the times when we were fascinated with futurism, the silver color, and The Matrix trilogy. It is Zion’s daily life soundtrack. But it is also the upcoming trend. After the ’80s tendencies will saturate the market, next in line are the ’90s trends, and that my dear readers, is techno music in its most authentic and immersive form. After the 2000s techno music sort of got washed out by house music and EDM afflictions. And yet, when you give a listen to Neon City, you couldn’t care less about the modernized versions of techno, you realize you want THIS: Electronic trance music that can not be pinpointed, that does not have a rigid format, that feels organic and unpredictable, that helps you in a way or another, focus on the better future. And this is what Antone served us on a silver platter with Neon City – a look into the next decade.

The 44 second intro, Silver, goes hand in hand with the image depicted on the cover artwork: flying UFOs, neon color scheme, and a city with shapes we’ve yet to build. The airy upper sounding synth, mixed with the lower synth, creates a fantastic tandem that emphasizes a singular contrast that serves well the futuristic vibes.

Atraxia, while pretty laid back, has some strong, aggressive, epic notes. The glacial electro feels like the inside of a Tron vehicle:

The 3rd composition, Residual Reflection, is what dreams would sound like when you wake up from an other-worldly trance, residuals lingering around your brain waves from a night trip.

Electro Drama, with gorgeous drums and multiple sharp synths, will have you moving, or at the very least – closing your eyes and rocking your head left and right as if you just got some serious LSD in your system. I would imagine that in a future overwhelmingly technological, when one gets off work, this is what he/she would be listening to.

Equidistant, the 5th track off Neon City, has a starking intro vibing off early 2000s hip hop attitude mixed with electro bells. Basically, the name is self-explanatory for the feeling you get when trying to box this song: half hip hop, half electro.

Blue Hearts is on the more mystical spectrum of the EP, splitting almost in 2 as soon as the intro hits and then morphing again in one homogenous sound riding different moods like a roller coaster. I am dead serious bopping my head right now. This is f*cking stellar.

Cosmic Mirror lays its strength on some dreamy, far-sounding xylophone alternating with the harsher forefront instruments, conveying a powerful statement record.

Glass Tekno is what you’d hear in a technological jungle. It strongly exudes wild, animalistic vibes with a drum sounding bigger than life and a jumping, sneaky synth that you’re gonna highly enjoy. And just as you get used to it, it disappears being replaced by an alarm-like VST.

Fractioned Moon is unique in its colorful sound, denoting both Asian influences and Gameboy-like tunes. It is lighthearted and full of optimistic feelings opposed to the anterior graver tracks.

Red Elixer, the 10th song on Neon City, has a seductive appeal to it, with a repetitive musical motif and a bouncy VST that means business. If Neo was flirting with Trinity this would be the background music.

And the last record, carrying the much-anticipated name of the EP, Neon City, starts off superiorly complex, very wholesome in its sound, occupying all the space available in your ears and kind of welcoming you into the future, now that you’ve been sonically fully initiated.

Antone is a producer ahead of his time, heck, ahead of our time, and fully and completely anticipated the 2020 decade with his pulsating creation Neon City. A techno project sprinkled with trance tendencies that will shift your mind to the unpredictable, beautiful future.

Add this outstanding EP to your YouTube playlist HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Amazon HERE, and on Spotify below:

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