Show Out By Paco Ca$h, A Smooth Banger Reminescent of the 2000s

Those born in the ’90s will love this song by Paco Ca$h as it brings back the enthusiasm for the dance floor and showing off, as we all used to be charmed by the likes of the Step Up movies. Imagine if you were playing Need For Speed Underground again. Show Out is the soundtrack to your best childhood memories.

It is pretty mind-blowing how Paco Ca$h’s voice steadily rides the beat with a crystal clear pronunciation and a monotone dynamic, showcasing even more so the 2000s modern rap influence. That sweet moment in music history when we evolved from the boom-bap sound to soft, electronic VSTs that created some of the biggest hits to day (Yeah by Usher, Snap Your Fingers by Lil Jon, Get Low by the Eastside Boyz, etc.) Paco Ca$h created some serious hit material with Show Out displaying an ability to comfortably rap on a higher bpm. Which, truth be told, we haven’t really heard around in over a decade. You got Drake and Future to “thank” for this rap lethargy the industry experienced.

I’m feeling myself in this thing (hot) like a flame/ real talk come get me off this beat before I go insane/ no need for names and yea that’s strange/ but you don’t hear me though/ but I’m getting money doing me so whats the hating for?” goes the intro to Show Out, laying astutely the mood basis for the entire track. You’re gonna like the song pretty much right away as it has that load of energy to it that can not be mimicked or faked. Paco Ca$h is something else. He takes his liveliness and runs with it, offering the listener a caffeine-like drive boost.

As he goes to rap on about life being a bitch but letting him f*ck for free, Paco Ca$h reaches a visual peak with the following bars: “Jaws locking/ body rocking/ man this thing is popping/ ass dropping to the beat/ And there’s no need for stopping”, gifting millennials (everyone born between the ’80s and late ’90s) a window into the past euphoria of going out to literally just dance to hip hop songs in the club. Show Out effortlessly summons the energy of a time when people were more about fighting each other in dance moves than raging online with Twitter fingers.

The hook is smartly written to coincide with the beat’s tone, and also impressively infectious with repeated emphasis on the title: “Show Out, It’s going down I’m bout to clown up in this b*tch/ Show Out, I’m bout to get another round-up in this b*tch/ Show Out, I’m bout to show you how to move it in this b*tch/ Show Out, just fall back and let me do it in this b*tch”. Paco Ca$h just proved his skill as a songwriter by keeping it relatively simple but entertaining nonetheless, with just the middle section switched up while keeping the beginning and ending words the same.

Show Out is a golden banger, a bonafide hit for hip hop dancers, and a very much needed break from the boring rap game we’re in right now. So you make sure you do your part in bringing back good music by adding this song to your playlists on Apple HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Google Play HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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