How We F*ckin’ by Monty Fetti, A Song Hotter Than Your Entire European Summer

In case you didn’t know, the entire Europe is scorching through hell right now (maximums of 105.8°F) and yet… no current song gets even close to these temperatures. Monty Fetti, on the other hand, decided to take it there and unapologetically create a record that your girl might play for you to give you direct instructions on how to please her. I know, shocking. This is a premiere for us too. But How We F*ckin’ is that good. From RnB melodic vibes, to laid-back rap, and high-quality production, this song is for adult people with adult intentions 😀

Shawty really call, said she love how I’m thuggin’/ Be turning nothing into something/ Shawty really call, said she love how we f*ckin” kicks off the track Monty Fetti, skillfully changing the subject from a matter of attitude to the bedroom topic in less than 5 seconds from hearing his voice. And just before he gets into the heavy details, Monty Fetti makes sure to leave the audience with an astute glow of lyrical egotism:Be sending shivers to your feet/ And I’m gon’ really get it out the streets/ In here dripping to the tee/ F*ck that n***a he ain’t me”.

Right left, left right, I get it/ P*ssy get to grippin’ while I’m in it/ Shawty said she love, really love how we f*ckin’” Ima just say that I’m glad my mom doesn’t speak English and she just thumbs up all my reviews on Facebook 😀 on a serious note, we start understanding that the very title, we f*ckin’, has a double meaning. It stands for both the physical connection and the unwritten rules of the relationship in question. Proved in actuality by the following lyrics: “Love just how you get up on that d*ck, ride like a seesaw/ Never let a n***a get between, that is a street law”, underlining how the sizzling vibes match the mutual respect for one another, “A street Boss, girl we winning bae and he lost”.

Each of the collaborating artists (Rikki Tan, Lil Daddy, and K.Moon) follow up with some serious heat, veiling their parts as welcoming intrusions beautifully intercalated within the song’s structure. Rikki Tan creates a very harmonic peak, rendering the song especially melodic right around here: “Only I know you a freak in the sheets/ They only know that you’re riding with me”. While Lil Daddy makes clear why his name is such: “Lay on your stomach and stretch out your knees/ Girl this might hurt a lil bit/ Put your face in the pillow when you scream” sheeeeesh (insert fainting emoji).

If you were wondering like we were, why such a steamy song, Monty Fetti went into details for us: “The vibe of the beat did it for me. And me wanting to talk about my girl and me, more than anything lol. It’s crazy how the song came along because I wrote my verse for it in about 25 minutes, which NEVER happens! After I laid my verse, I knew a good friend and talented artist, Rikki Tann, would be just right for this project. Initially, he was supposed to lay one verse, but in the process of writing, he was able to come up with a dope hook. It fit perfectly!
I didn’t meet Lil Daddy until a few weeks later, while being at the studio with Rik and our Producer, he hears the record and asked to get on it, the rest is history! same with K.Moon! I was just blessed enough to get the perfect combination of dope artists on one song and made a Hit.

And a hit they made! If you miss the 2000s RnB but with a rap twist and a modern sound, How We F*ckin’ is THE song for you. With pristine production, voices that shine with amusing exultation, authenticity through and through, Monty Fetti brings a variety of major elements to the table and in the music industry overall.

Make sure you add this scorching song to your lovemaking playlist on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Google Play HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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