5 Undeniable Nicki Minaj Songs That Should Have Had A Music Video

5. Coco Chanel

With Afro infusions in it, Coco Chanel borderlines a dance track. Nicki raps with an unmatchable fierceness while the instrumental is light and melodic. The featured artist, Foxy Brown, is also very smoothly intercalated within the song, giving it more weight and a novelty factor. Why no music video though???

4. HOV Lane

HOV Lane is an insane power anthem. Nicki raps like a beast with palpable aggressiveness in her voice. You end up thinking how much you wouldn’t want her as your enemy. A timeless masterpiece. The beat sounds dry but this very feature enhances the overall effect, making the audience focus heavily on Nicki’s voice and message.

3. Thought I Knew You

This RnB gem with The Weeknd is such a crowd pleaser and an attention grabber. She actually sings on this one and suavely so at that! This song is actually very unlike Nicki. We like it big time and we could only imagine how a music video with both these artists would have been!

2. Want Some More

Such a banger, such an anthem for all female hustlers in the world. The beat is full of mystique, fun elements, surprise ad-libs, and catchy AF. And her flow switches up so many times! She shines through with every line. A music video would have been fire!

1. Shanghai

With bars sicker than Covid, Nicki went ham on this song. The production is flawless, her voice mix is perfect, and our top favorite song off The Pink Print album. This song should have been a single and have a music video too. Maybe one day you’ll release it again Nicki?

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