10 People You Should Block Immediately On Social Media As An Artist

There’s not many people, if any, going around online advocating or supporting musicians’ mental health awareness. And yet somewhere in Wyoming, there’s a Kanye West tweeting crazy sh*t and a Kim Kardashian crying on the jet alone. There’s plenty of psychologists and YouTubers for single men, single women, adults raised by narcissistic mothers, introverted people, individuals that practice entanglements, etc. But none for us, musicians. So we’re here today to help you pick yourself up and probably even get at the root of who is causing you depression when you go online. You might be shocked at some of the “titles” on the list, but we promise you, you need to clear your mind and your timeline accordingly. Let’s get into it!

10. Your Passive-Aggressive Friends

First and foremost, they’re not your friends. Secondly, this is how you know they need to be blocked out of your life and profiles immediately: they always watching your 24 hr stories yet never find a damn second to hit like or comment on your latest release or even personal posts. These people literally bring you ZERO value. In some worse cases, they actually comment only when they want to disagree with you, only when they want to prove a point. You know what that means? I am only following you to make you feel like sh*t and lowkey stalk you. You know what we say? Phuck ’em! You deserve better.

9. Your Exes

Okay, you do know that they’re called exes for a reason? they’re in the past. You don’t need loose ends creeping around your profile and fumigating at your success or enjoying themselves when you don’t do well. Artists often get discouraged and have hard times too. Do you really want your dumb ex to see you’re asking for donations to put together an album? We didn’t think so either. OUT!

8. Other Industry Peers You Had Fall Outs With

We’re hot-headed and we know it. But… what good does it do to you pretending you don’t care when every time you see their name pop up on your timeline or your messenger when they’re online, all the crazy talk comes back in your mind, and it’s a well-known fact we’re terrible at letting sh*t go. We NEVER do. That’s why we’re so good at creating ART! If you’ve had blown out fights, fallouts, terrible disagreements, BLOCK THEM. Trust me, you don’t want these people to know who you’re networking with or who you’re collabing with. You think they wouldn’t send the other person screenshots just to mess up your business??? Plus, out of sight, out of mind. You don’t owe anyone any explanation. If anything you owe it to yourself to sleep in peace at night. Let that mental dead weight release you so you can vibe on higher frequencies and put out better music.

7. People Who Never Believed In You

These individuals are in a category of their own. They never even gave you the benefit of the doubt. They are determined to dislike your music whatever you say, do, post. They think you’re wasting your time and can’t wait until you “wake up”. They might be family members, some opinionated old heads from church, former teachers, or even music mentors. There’s something gruesome in people who are convinced 100% you’ll never make it. I don’t care if they haven’t exactly voiced it like this, but YOU KNOW who they are and exactly how they feel. Mathematically, while you’re 50% convinced you’ll succeed, he is 100% you WILL NOT. He/she wins. And you can not mentally afford to doubt yourself that much in the beginning. Cut them off completely and immediately.

6. Artists Who Don’t Respect Your Prices

Here’s a sad truth: people DON’T usually change. If you hated olives since you were a baby, I’m willing to bet you still avoid them in pizzas and salads. If one is so convinced about disliking olives, what makes you think they’ll start liking you any soon? In this case, however, when we say “like”, we mean respect. And by disrespect, we are specifically talking about the artists that wanted to do a song with you but refused to pay you your required fee. Your time is money, and your music is quality. If they’re not willing to pay for your time and your quality, that’s just more dead weight floating around your timeline. Let them keep up with your greatness from distance and official channels, no place for time wasters on your personal profile.

5. Users

Not internet users, but literally people who are there just to use YOU without offering nothing in return. You most definitely have those couple of uneducated artists or salespeople in your friend list who only write to you to spam you their stuff. They never say hi, bye, how are you, good song, kiss my as*. No, they’re here just to get that extra click, that extra view from you. You need to steer clear from people with such low vibes. Even if they’re rich, even if they’re in a better position than you, if they only use you, you have all the right in the world to block them. Don’t feel bad for them, feel bad for the minutes they’ve stolen from your life making you read their stupid spam messages.

4. Mentally Unstable Individuals

Let me tell you a story, there was an artist. And that artist started getting love-bombed by a fan. Emails and messages every single day detailing how much the fan loved her music. Then one week the artist went offline to focus on shooting a music video. When the artist went back online, she had received over 50 messages from that hardcore fan. With the first ones asking if she was okay and with the last ones being death threats, all because the artist went offline for a week. Does that sound sane to you? NO, the heck it is. Stay far far far away from people that are mentally unstable. It is not your job to understand or help them. You are not a rehab. You are an ambitious artist who has other things to focus on and problems of your own. Let the music be the main way you communicate with your fans.

3. Entitled Snobs

These individuals only care about flexing and name dropping. Sure it might be tempting to stay friends with them online thinking they might be able to put in a word or two for you, but back to our olives example… they won’t. They will only care about you when YOU will be a millionaire and will bring them clout. These people are very seriously dime a dozen in this world. Block them now and never look back. You need genuine, sincere, honest, kind people to surround you both online and offline.

2. Random People You Know Nothing About

I know you were thinking that a high number of facebook friends would have brought you credibility. But actually… it works against you. When you have 5000 friends and only 10 likes on whatever you post, you look terrible and desperate. People understand in less than a second what you did and how you got all those 5k people in your friend list. If you never even had a one on one chat with them, delete them NOW. And if they don’t even have a real profile picture, BLOCK THEM. No profile picture is usually one of the two scenarios: a hater in disguise dying to follow your every move, or a bot/spam account. Both equally toxic for your mental health.

1. People Who’ve Turned You Down

They told you no once, they most likely will tell you no continuously. It is what it is. Plus now they feel superior to you because YOU needed THEM. Whether you’ve asked for a collab, a favor, some help (as long as you weren’t spamming people randomly), you’ve lost your power in front of them. And they will NEVER see you as their equal. When someone tells you no, unfortunately it’s not like we can ask “cool, can we pretend I never asked you that? it doesn’t work like that. Don’t hope that they’ll change their mind in the future. They won’t. And you’re better off forging new connections with new individuals who see you of value at least equal to theirs.

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