I’m Blown By Professor Trille, A Diary Excerpt In Rap Verses

With a swift and firm voice, Professor Trille has created a song of a special gentleness that heavily underlines his personal revelations, in his latest release, I’m Blown. This is a record that puts emotional emphasis on the simpler virtues, linking the artist’s past and future in the present narrative, adorned with existential questions that connect deeply with the audience. With a clean production and raw message, I’m Blown is sure to become your companion in times of reflection.

The ambient sound opening up the track feels like wind bells going in slow motion, with a hint of melancholy mixed with musical sophistication. Then very calmly, Professor Trille introduces himself to the listeners with a most tranquil voice despite the emotional burden he carries in the lyrics: I done wasted good time/ Hoping you forget and let go/ You Got me tired, tired, tired/ I can’t take sh*t no more, I’m Blown”, worth mentioning is the appeal of the hook, being simplistic in its execution, with several vocal tracks layered in a choir, but very effective in clicking with the audience, becoming catchy instantaneously.

We used to have it all/ Mane, the whole dream/ To make it out the hood/ And do our own thing/ I did time and being loyal not a small thing/ But shorty did a n***a wrong, why of all things!?” – ouch! This got very personal very fast. Straight to the point, Professor Trille wasted no time in touching sensitive issues, like the betrayal of his partner. And here we have to discuss his rap flow, as it is of unique cadency and flaunts a tenacious grip on the public. It rather feels like a conversation in real-time, unfiltered, and unrehearsed. And that hits different. Despite it being pitch-perfect, it is astoundingly organic in its delivery and bears a rawness that reminisces of the ’90s, ’00s hip hop. Matter of fact, Professor Trille shared his rap preferences with us: “My favorite rappers in order, are Biggie Smalls, Lil Boosie, Young Jeezy, and 50 Cent”.

After Professor Trille details the wrongdoings of the woman he used to love, he takes it up a notch showcasing from a 3rd party perspective how he views himself: “The life of a good black man – just never easy/ I’m out running miles/ So many do my style/ Imitation at best, I bring a different sound/ She told me stick around/ I said I’m done sticking” being correct in describing his sound as different. It is. It’s like a Monet painting transposed to music. Just like Monet prominently focused on the light as the main subject when all other artists focused on people, Professor Trille brings emotions and simplicity forefront in a time and age where materialistic possessions are the main entrée on the 2020 menu.I don’t care for fame, I just like to tell my story. In fact, I only speak from experience. If I haven’t done or been through the situation, I won’t rap about it.” – shares Professor Trille exclusively with us. And we can all attest to his authenticity. Such a high caliber rap artist.

I’m Blown is a rap record that will be highly appreciated by music connoisseurs, denoting real-life issues in his straightforward lyrics and tranquil instrumental.

Make sure you add I’m Blown to your playlists on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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