Walking To The Moon By Bacon Fist, A Sophisticated Shroomy Record

Yes, we created a new adjective for Walking To The Moon: shroomy. It’s a vibe, it’s a mood, it’s catchy, it’s deep, it’s a damn straight masterpiece. Bacon Fist, a hip hop/rap duo created more than 12 years ago, made of Josh Incorvaia, the rapper and lyricist, and Porthead Beatz – the producer, have put together one hell of a sophisticated song, bringing some exquisite, A-class trip vibes to the audience. If you ever failed explaining how your mind felt during this global lockdown, Bacon Fist did you a favor and summarized everyone’s mind in one song.

From the very intro you hear a monologue that might cause considerable perplexity, as if you were listening to a therapy session with a fresh client who just felt alive for the first time. And with “far beyond ordinary perception”, he leaves us holding our breath while letting Josh kick off the first verse: “I see lights/ I see fire/ I see death/ I see life/ Times are really changing/ And I’m straining to maintain/ All this madness stays contained”, with his words flowing with an intense earnestness that carries conviction in them. Josh has an eerie thrill in his voice that comes off as commanding but natural at the same time. It feels like you’re having a conversation with a skilled storyteller.

Images of my past anger… stays so stained/ if you grew like I did b*tch you’d feel the same” – yup, storytelling at its finest indeed. While using aggressive words, curiously enough, Josh has the ability to make your nerves tingle with the sense of adventure, as you know he’s about to really open up and share with you his deepest, probably even darkest thoughts.

Now I’m walking to the moon/ As I’m Ingesting f*cking shrooms/ Staying inside this box but escaping this room” can we just say we nailed it? 😀 The cold, incisive, ironical voice did its part and left us frozen. One would almost feel tempted to apologize for intruding on the artist’s trip. That’s how real it feels, “The colors switch and change/ as I attempt to fix this brain/ chopping down the f*cking pain”.

The phenomenal hook takes it all the way there and announces in a musical yet menacing voice, that the perception of reality is not reflected by reality itself, that it is more likely than not, a product of the imagination under much strain: “All this pain is in my head/ I’m walking to the moon/ All this pain is in my head/ I’m flying on some shrooms”. Jaw dropped to the floor. This is art. And if you needed even more closeness with this song, Josh kindly shared with us the reasoning behind it: “I created this song when I was in isolation and was scared and depressed about the world events. It starts off as an emotional, painful expression of my life and slowly evolves into a happy peak, as the song continues to build. At the end, when I realized I created a masterpiece, I felt happy and rejuvenated with a trippy touch. I was as happy as can be at that moment!”

The production and mix are flawless, the voice – super clean, the pronunciation- very easy to follow and understand, the melody is very laid back but with undertones of horror movie-like sound style. This is not your average rap song. This is so much better!!!

Make sure you add this creative masterpiece to your playlists on Amazon Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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