The Best 10 Rap Artists To Watch In 2020

Oftentimes rap songs feel like a dime a dozen, with new collaborations and fresh faces popping up everywhere on social media. We, however, invested the time and effort in following these 10 rappers over time and studied their past material as well, to determine the likelihood of their commitment to make it big in the music industry. These names are the ones we are willing to bet on. And you’re also welcome for your new manually selected and curated, high-quality music 😉 Enjoy!

10. Antoine The Icon

From the same famous Philly as The Fresh Prince, even sharing similarities in their monickers, Antoine The Icon improves with every single release he’s putting out. What makes him even more likable to a very large audience, is his steering clear of too much cursing and F-bombs. It takes a very serious tinge of genius to pull off aggressive rap records without overusing dirty words, and Antoine The Icon is constantly creating safe rap records with a real message.

9. Mavi

Mavi is one of those very rare, very educated, well-read rappers. His music is not for the mainstream audience, yet in his peculiarities he creates a deep interest that magnetizes and pulls a lot of listeners in. His music is art and so are his videos. There are words to dissect and images to analyze in every product he’s put out so far. His name and looks are also easily memorable and his entire brand identity is very on point. We’re predicting a huge success for Mavi.

8. Chris Crack

Chris Crack feels like the long-lost brother of Mavi. Very artsy in his music and lyrics, with a huge dose of street talk and modern issues, he managed to amass a loyal following and media attention. You never know what to expect from him, accordingly receiving the rollercoaster treatement when you proceed to listen to his albums in entirety. Chris Crack also very much offers a shock value to his audience and tends to glow mostly when self-boasting. In other genres, this would be considered rude. In rap music, he’s just kanye-ing himself.

7. Sill

Sill is one of those artists who appear to be monochromatic on the surface only to realize he’s been deep scheming his entire catalogue of music and that the simplicity was intentional. Because in reality, his messages are very complex, writing songs for example from the perspective of the police force who’s determined to end lives. Sill’s music feels like the movie Inception: drifting off in airy vibes in one track only to be snatched gruesomely into darkness in the next one. Whether you’ll love him or hate him, one thing is for sure: you won’t remain indifferent.

6. Fresco Trey

You can almost touch his success. That’s how good this artist is. Fresco Trey has been going at it for a good while now and has serious support from influential people in the industry, which can only aid him in his quest to get to the top, which at this point we’re 100% sure it’s going to happen. Besides the industry aspect, his actual material is of stellar quality and he manages to connect with the listeners every single time. He is also both a phenomenal singer and an intriguing rapper. Fresco Trey is the ultimate success package and model to follow in a very comprehensive DIY-crafted rap career.

5. Mz Chocolate

Here we got the only woman that made this list. Mz Chocolate raps with a very laid-back type of flow but with such intense earnestness in her voice that you will be deeply moved and bob your head quite instantaneously. The longer you listen to her, the more you like her and her music. She is extremely unapologetic and confident both visually and auditorily. You could be rocking Balenciaga socks and a Chanel purse and yet, your self-esteem will greatly pale in comparison to the conviction she’s spitting in her bars. Simply astonishing.

4. JDiggs Tha Prodigy

This one is for all the hip hop heads that have felt done wrong by the music industry for the last 10 years. JDiggs Tha Prodigy got that old school touch of authenticity and intensely respectable message. Let’s just say that when he’s famous, he will feel like sweet revenge in the face of all 18-year olds who think they’re rap gods and sport stupid face tattoos. JDiggs Tha Prodigy is the complete antithesis of mumble rappers. He’s been perfecting his music, delivery, and flow for over 11 years now and the idealism he portrays is palpable.

3. Taoreta

Okay, this one is a hip hop duo, but a must on this list. With subtle Asian influence in their music, Taoreta is a duo that stands out for the courage they display in their lyrics but also for voluntarily and proudly showcasing the British accent rather than the standard American one. And even so, Loaneski manages to stay very clear in his pronunciation aiding the audience in effortlessly understanding their songs. An extremely rare feat. Remember Tinie Tempah? yeah, we neither.


YGTUT is more similar to what you’re already accustomed to on the charts, thus rendering his music easier to digest than other upcoming rappers. He shies away from autotune, from modern trivialities, from the usual naked girls in your face. He puts most of his emphasis on the message itself in very catchy songs. This factor of appeal accounts for higher success odds as people are more likely to promote organically music that’s catchy. Seems like YGTUT has found the silver lining for sounding mainstream while staying independent. We’re rooting for you!

1. KYD Works

When you encounter epicness you know it. KYD Works, a fitness entrepreneur, a savage rapper, and a very mature person overall, delivers pure fire with his Gone (Hotter) single. If he keeps up the same style and animalistic energy, he’s headed straight to the top. The quality of his music will considerably surprise you and his superstar demeanor is perceptible from his bars, his confidence, his exultant carefree attitude, and last but not least, his dashing looks. When you start following him on social media and get close to who he is in essence, it’s like assisting the creation of a rap behemoth. Absolutely and undoubtedly deserving of the number ONE spot on this list.

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