Favorite Friend by Hunter Root, Your Serene Acoustic Summer Thrill

When I get songs like this on my hands, I realize how blessed I am to digest such masterpieces as part of my job. Hunter Root has created another classic with his newest release, Favorite Friend, this time with his acoustic guitar present front and center, and enhanced by his voice displaying infinite skill and delicacy. With one-of-a-kind warmth, Favorite Friend will drive any negative emotions out of your mind. Welcome to the good side of humanity.

If the first two lines of the song are leaning towards romance, “Have you met my favorite friend?/ Hope she’s mine until the end”, the following lyrics lay Hunter Root’s human flaws and desires bare for all to witness: “When my demons come to play/ Well she helps them go away/ No I don’t wanna have a phone again/ Oh but I’ve been drifting in that zone again”. Both tranquil and aware in a pleasant way, the song increasingly guides the audience deeper into the artist’s personal space and state of mind.

Hunter Root then goes to show deep appreciation for his moments frozen in time: “Won’t you sing with me all night?/ Yeah, yeah, yeah/ Won’t you shine that lovely light?/ Yeah, yeah, yeah”. He also effortlessly manages to satisfy our curiosity as listeners without actually telling too much. So far we know he’s got a wonderful woman in his life, doesn’t want to be subjected to modern trivialities and distractions, and loves to enjoy his time. Generally, we got a clear picture of who we’re dealing with, but we’re also fascinated by what’s yet to come, not knowing if the woman is a lover or a sister, if he really means phone by phone or just technology, and if shining the night means being present right then and there or if… there’s some good moonshine around. 😀

On this Sunday afternoon/ When they fill me up with doom/ When the creatures come too soon” this is what we were saying right above. THIS note of mysticism seems to be the very center of Hunter Root’s artistic integrity. There’s a slightly eerie feeling of impending risk and unwanted adventure through the choice of using doom and creatures to describe his emotions. And yet, you wouldn’t know this if you’d only pay attention to the voice, as it stays calm and comforting. What kind of magic are you up to Hunter?

Where this incredibly talented artist really shines is right around here: “Now it’s Monday afternoon/ Yeah, yeah, yeah/ Soon the creatures come to bloom” with his voice strained to an almost breaking point, suavely charming you to pay even more attention to the lyrics.

If we are to focus on the music video, holy guacamole what a visual treat! The two metal benches in the intro leave space for the imagination to fill in, almost as if it was saying: there are two very important people here, Hunter Root and his friend. The deep blue puritanical skies aligning themselves with the smooth guitar leading the entire song. Those blue flowers surrounding Hunter Root himself as if inclining in an agreed choir. And that little tree with the cutest bird ever on the white fence… breathtaking! Let’s talk as well about those golden locks Hunter Root is sporting!!! ladies and long-haired gentlemen… we apologize for not having asked for his hair care routine details. We understand your frustration but we promise… the song and the music video will make up for this point we missed. 😉

Favorite Friend will tinge your thoughts with marvel and gratitude for life’s small moments, and Hunter Root will have you hooked to his voice, his carefree personality, and his remarkable guitar skills.

Make sure you listen to the entire Mimicking the Sun Like Dandelions album coming out July 31st, 2020 by following Hunter Root directly on Spotify:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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