Vortex Bandits by 10Drilz, An Aggressive Dubstep-Based Instrumental EP

It took 10Drilz an entire year to mix these 6 songs into the one product you will get to enjoy with us in this article. The tracks are at least 2 years old as 10Drilz mentions in his own words, but he feels they were the best to come together in a creative mesh of dubstep, trap, heavy metal, rock, and trance. You will also be pleased to discover the organic sound of the saxophone and the swag of hip hop music throughout the EP. Vortex Bandits is a solid project for the curious of mind, the consumers of new wave, and the lovers of otherworldly music.

The first track off the Vortex Bandits EP

Projections, the first instrumental off Vortex Bandits, tunes all your thoughts into its dubstep-house-infused melody. With extraordinary energy, it grasps the listener and offers a luxurious auditory ride, showcasing plenty of variety between the chopped ad-libs, the melodic female voice that serves as the main hook, the far-sounding airy synth, and of course, the undeniable dubstep classic mark: heavy clashing metals. It’s of refreshing beauty to indulge in a 4 minute and 29 seconds instrumental without ever feeling the need for more vocals. A very rare feat that’s seldom found in this day and age. 10Drilz kicked off the EP with promising, audible fire.

The 2nd track off the Vortex Bandits EP

If you think you’ve heard it all, we beg to differ as 10Drilz’ Sax Dreams will have you staring in stupid surprise. From the first instance, you don’t’ hear, you FEEL that suave sax build up mixed with alarming notes that create an incredible vastness while displaying a grim charm. And then those vocals hit you snapping you from whatever tranquil expectations you may have had. This is bonafide heavy metal screaming and yet, in a very surprising development, the voice collides perfectly with the saxophone AND the dubstep sound in second line. How? How does one combine such diverse elements into one cohesive song? 10Drilz starts feeling like a skilled musical genius at this point.

The 3rd instrumental off the Vortex Bandits EP

The third song, Crystal Night, turns out to be the most melodic one so far, and 10Drilz named it accordingly. The instrumental feels like a complex journey into one’s spiritual essence. Ghostly vocals, harsh metallic sounds, sexy drums, calm synth, incisive claps, prominent beat drop. One could hardly conceive a less emotional track. In certain areas, the piano shines steadily taking the spotlight for a few seconds. If we had to describe the exact mood Crystal Night conveys, it would be that moment when you break free from your past and dive with all your might into creating your future.

Blackmill is the 4th song off Vortex Bandits

Now our expedition becomes more mysterious than ever. Blackmill feels like a distant glimpse into the ethereal universe. No screams, no clear words, just a very intriguing light voice multi-layered over the strong dubstep sound. There’s something indescribably beautiful in immersing yourself completely into this song that offers no exact or clear guidance. It’s up to your own human perception. You could envision yourself in an Interstellar-like ambient, or at night on a tall terrace in Shanghai. Blackmill has the timeless power the likes of Enigma and ERA displayed for decades.

The 5th track off Vortex Bandits

Skream brings a new approach to the drums pattern and the claps. In a trap-like style, these two come together to adorn the always-present dubstep elements and result in a sophisticated instrumental that takes turns you wouldn’t dream of anticipating. Imagine swag on a robotic level. This is exactly what Skream feels like. The most entertaining x-factor in this song is the metal sounds resembling actual words. They don’t just exist. They talk. And those drums are absolutely fascinating taking on the entire weight of the song. A song fit for early mornings when you go out for a run feeling invincible.

The ending track on Vortex Bandits

Let’s say that when we mentioned Shanghai above, we were pretty close to the more obvious Asian influence we’re now encountering in the 6th and final track, Trap Door. This song blazes with fury and attitude becoming ideal for car music. Think of Tokyo Drift with more arrogance and a healthy show-off dose. Like a crafty and savage animal, Trap Door combines the robotic sound with modern drums and the Chinese pipa with the delicate guzheng in the background. A majestic ending to a stellar EP.

10Drilz created a musical yet aggressive project through the ample 6 songs on Vortex Bandits. From the distinctive dubstep robotic frictions, heavy metal vocals, trap drums, and galactic vibes he induced in his tracks, 10Drilz offers a supreme EP with plenty of new factors that will renew your interest in massive genre-crossing music.

Make sure you support this musical prodigy by adding Vortex Bandits to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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