Where We Call Home By Chris Waet, A Prodigious Rock Record Forever Relevant

Chris Waet’s first single Where We Call Home, will hit you differently. It’s a suave rock record that features pop-like vocals, subsequently rendering the song a modern masterpiece to withstand the test of time. Chris will also leave a mark on you as a lyricist, as you will witness how his words stimulate emotional attention and instigate your imagination to flow as expansively as it pleases. Where We Call Home will become your regular go-to song in moments of much-needed spiritual comfort.

The first thing that you’ll notice standing out, is the perfect studio quality Where We Call Home offers to the listener. From the very beginning, that electric guitar storms flawlessly, and letting Chris take over shortly after with his clearly defined vocals: “Big guitars and currency/ Will lead me to my home/ To the place where I can be/ And right here on my own” This is a major compliment to a new artist. Also, a wonderful thing to be grateful to Chris Waet for, as sometimes even top-charting songs fail to meet our production expectations.

In a formidable manner, Chris Waet then proceeds to act as a kind, old friend assuring you of finding your way back home eventually: “Lots left/
For me to show you/ One day, we’ll be back again/ To the place we call home
” A selfless message that will serve well those fighting through trying times. And the fact that his warm-baritone voice feels ever so calm and assertive, only helps underline the song’s tranquil mood. Such an organic-sounding, touching record that you’ll fall in love with before you even get halfway through.

What may shock you is that Chris’s grown-man voice is only 25 years old: “I started playing guitar when I was 9, I wrote this song when I was 15, I am now 25 so I wrote the song over 10 years ago.” – now all in unison say: holy guacamole!!! So besides being a well-rounded vocalist, a very skilled guitar player, you also started out as a wunderkind? One would never guess that Where We Call Home had been written by a teenager! My hat off to you sir Chris Waet!

Another place, another day/ Like every single poem/ A thousand faces in a crowd/ Are the ones that help you cope” – the lyricism and poetic tendency displayed in the above rhymes, paint the song with a quality of the past, reminiscing of the intricate wordplay and deep themes presented to us by the likes of Queen, U2, The Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses. A romantic, vintage peculiarity that will be adored by rock music lovers.

We also want to point out how melodic and hook-based is the structure of Where We Call Home, to which Chris Waet himself confesses: “This song has maybe a bit more of a nostalgic vibe and is maybe a bit more riff-oriented than some of my other songs, which are at around 35 in number and waiting to be released”, an artist ready to deliver content for years to come, considering that a 10-track album can entertain fans for 2 years on average. Music investors will like this.

In conclusion: Where We Call Home will entertain your mind and soul with strong flows of emotion and sentimental value while taking you musically on a melodic rock ride.
Song Credits: Ranjit Ranawaya – Engineering and Bass; Christian Stonehouse – Mixing and Mastering; Forrest Williams – Producer and Drums; Chris Waet – Music, Lyrics, Guitars, and Vocals. 

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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