Talking Bout By Chad Gray, When An Independent Artist Delivers Higher Quality Than A-listers

Chad Gray is not just a rapper, he’s an artist that is heavily investing in himself and his career. Something that becomes rather obvious right away with the clean mix, the quality beat production, and the sick animated visuals. Talking Bout is a fast-paced rap song that consists of a succession of motivating lyrics, uninterrupted flow, and a flash of genius showcased vocally and metaphorically through the rhyming style.

Can we talk about the music video for a moment? ’cause we don’t come across such creative products every day. It starts out with Chad Gray laying down in bed, then swiftly we’re introduced to his cartoon equivalent surrounded by 2 beautiful brunettes in one frame and a half-naked blondie in another frame. The details are to be appreciated: 2 gold chains, diamond earrings, perfect face piercings, and reality-matching skin color. Authentic through and through. We love how the music video goes to match his lyrics, one of our top favorite moments being the Matrix-inspired scene. A visual product of highly-entertaining improvisation. Oh! Shout out to the shorty twerking next to Chad 😀 next level 2D vixen!

The catchiest element of the song is the hook, which mind you, has a very interesting structure, being a rather melodic verse that’s split in 2 parts: “Spend a thousand dollars on a pair of shoes what I’m talking bout/ Never thought I’d have this kind of money is what I’m talking bout/ Bought my momma a bigger better house is what I’m talking bout/ Now I’m living life the way I wanna is what I’m talking bout”, note the perfect rhyming pattern, fitting the beat flawlessly and supplying the audience’s need for predictability. Chad Gray manages to deliver a comforting, monotone flow for the hook of Talking Bout while maintaining a stimulating and exciting vibe.

The second part of the hook, equally entertaining but somewhat grimmer in its message, proceeds to share more details on Chad’s background: “Never had my real father around is what I’m talking bout/ Made it from the ground to where I’m now is what I’m talking / Keep on smiling even though I’m down is what I’m talking bout/ If you think you know me man, you don’t know what you talking bout”, the detachment with which Chad Gray raps about his trying upbringings, will instigate a contrasting feeling from the public. Admiration for his ice-cold demeanor, and fear for the same thing. Something like a handsome vampire in classic novels. Gorgeous to look at but dangerous when in direct contact.

The first verse is light and fun, drawing comparisons between Chad Gray’s go-getter mentality and the likes of “Neo in The Matrix”, “Mario Andretti”, and a Pg-13 Rated “peanut butter”. In this verse alone, Chad Gray proves he can get into beast mode, comedian mode, hustler mode, and poet mode. We’ll call him a Chad of all trades.

In the 2nd verse, things get more personal and quite serious, detailing his time behind bars, his relation to God, his commitment to making it in the music industry, and cutting off fake friends and groupies alike. Attesting to this is Chad himself: “Talking Bout is not only a feel-good, turn-up kind of record, but a record that has some real content that people can understand and possibly relate to” we couldn’t have agreed more. Bonus points for artistic self-awareness.

On an ending note, here’s Chad crediting some special people: “Big thanks to Vinesh Lochun xdropzzz for making a banger for me to create on, to my boy Chris aka Mac for the inspirational idea, to Peter of Totally Animated Studios who created a marvelous video

Talking Bout is a danceable fast-paced record of stellar quality that promises to replace at least one song in your top 10 favorites. It beams with personality and catchiness. Chad Gray makes himself memorable through his idyllic voice, stable flow pattern, and real-life based lyrics.

Make sure you add this banger to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Google Play HERE, on Amazon HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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