Beside Me By O’Geno Wick, A Heart-To-Heart Conversation In Rap Tones

O’Geno Wick opens up his song Beside Me with a frankness and directness which considerably amazes the audience, keeping you hooked to his voice, waiting on his confessions to calmly fill the room. Beside Me will have you tense with emotion and anticipation while offering an excellent mix and production quality, showing that rap music can be both deep and melodic without losing its raw appeal. If there’s one thing we can guarantee is that you will have the record on repeat for many days to come.

Diving straight into the hook, O’Geno Wick rap-sings the very visual lyrics: “She want to be beside me as I walk through the storm/ She said I love you Geno then come fall off in my arms/ She run her tongue across my tattoos while we smoking strong/ Her tongue across my tattoos while we smoking strong” in just 4 lines this artist managed to create an entire vivid scenery, connecting with the listener and having you feel as if you’re the one besides him in the moment. To be noted the very laid back voice beaming with confidence and the highly skilled breathing technique that might pass unnoticed to the average non-industry person. This is an artist so good at what he’s doing that he makes the record sound outstandingly natural as if this is how it came out from the first take.

After painting even more visuals into your brain with “opening curtains in the middle of June in Cancun”, O’Geno Wick goes to settle the tone for your perspective of him, putting the emphasis on his material sophistication: “Gucci shades and Gucci watch/ Comaros and Mustangs get to circling through yo block/ No air pack in this Cadillac/ and I’m known for keeping them chops/ O’Geno Wick or you can call me young black ops”, and here you might wanna know from the very artist himself about this particular inspiration: “The song Beside Me was written as a reflection of my growth and like all my music it’s true lyrics. Just like the song says I really did move out and bought my own cars and home.

After talking about the lady in his presence, his material possessions, now it’s time for his mindset, the foundation of his conduct both as an artist and as a brother to his peers: “Young old school make moves and evade the cops/ Never rat on my homie your one and only Mr. O’Geno/ I’m bound to die for this shit for being too real/ But n***a so what”, heavily underlining his dedication to being loyal.

The 2nd verse overflows with details of great interest, touching personal matters like his role-models, his friends, his anger at bad record deals, his promises to self. Although O’Geno Wick keeps the hook about “her”, the entire second verse is about himself and his internal conversations. A smart way to keep the same subject line while being entertaining and versatile.

We highly enjoyed how O’Geno Wick reported facts in the fullest possible manner through the use of his tranquil voice on a light hip hop beat. Beside Me is a stellar record that will instigate a mixture of admiration and curiosity about the artist’s personal life.

Song Credits: producer – Cashmoneyapp, engineer – Cope, songwriter – O’Geno Wick.

Collab Alert: O’Geno Wick is about to release a song with Lil Boosie so stay tuned for our take on it!

Make sure you follow O’Geno Wick on his YouTube Channel HERE and soon on all major streaming platforms.

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