Move On By Anything But Human, The Rock Antiseptic To Your Break Ups

As soon as you hit play, the lead singer makes his vocal introduction on the tranquil guitar, diving shortly after, into a high-voltage frenzy of instruments and loud, captivating “wo-ah”s far in the distance. Move On is a grand, veritable rock record that at closer inspection, reveals a weighty sentimental state that is a direct reflection of the real-life consequences of a love too deep. The guys at Anything But Human, have once again, created a superb song that fortifies the sound and quality they’ve become known for.

Ryan, the lead singer, has some serious pipes and vocal control, displaying his mastery of it before we even get to the first verse: “I’ve been sitting here just locked inside myself/ And I don’t like what I see/ Cause all I ever do is bleed for you/ It’s like you are my disease/ I’m thinking it’s…” – sounds like someone might be Shakespeare’s long-lost descendant. The trapped mental state in which the character finds himself, the realization of it that follows, the anger directed accordingly at the source of it, which ironically but unsurprisingly, is the love interest. This will become very clear in the 2nd verse.

The lyrical apotheosis, which is the hook as well, is short but piercing: “Time to move on and leave your life behind”, if one doesn’t take into consideration the entire song context, might misinterpret it as something macabre. In this very instance, however, “life” symbolizes that engulfing love that needs to be left behind. Bonus points to Anything But Human as they’ve accomplished a major hallmark with Move On and its classic structure of verse, hook, verse. The band has put together a song that will appeal to many ages and vastly different audiences as it is very much an instant earworm, while keeping all of the raw instruments and rock attributes – intact! Songwriting and composing at its best.

And here comes the 2nd verse which sets the tone of the song rather clear and direct: “I am just a fool for you I know/ And I’ve fallen to my knees/ I have sweated blood and drained myself empty/ But I think I’ve found the remedy/ I’m saying it’s…”, we have to discuss how the word “love” hasn’t been mentioned a single time throughout the song, yet the record builds itself up and floats around it the entire time without actually using it. Artistic intention or plain avoidance to make space for interpretation? Whatever the answer may be, Move On cuts ten times deeper with ten times less wording than a usual love ballad. Impressive.

The record ends on an advisory note: “Time to move on and leave your life behind/ Don’t be afraid of these changes we’ve only got this one life, one life”, and here is where we get the confirmation that it was a bad love at the root of the song as one can’t be advised to leave life and appreciate it at the same time. Move On gives the audience a fiery rock promise of exceptional strength, in both the band and the listener himself. The composition tends to be a classic in its nature, which in turn, helps attract a wide audience.

Song Credits: Lyrics – Ryan Avila, Music – Ryan Avila, Pat Gasperini, Joel Dennie, Recorded by – Alex Gerst (Empire Sound Studios).

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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