10 Savage Hip Hop Songs You Will Want To Add To Your Workout Playlist

It has been scientifically proven that listening to music while working out translates to a significantly increased heart rate, much better resistance, and overall improved physical performance (you can read the in-depth study HERE). Music gets you focused, improves your mood, enhances the quality of your workout, heightens your awareness, reduces inhibitions, and pretty much acts like an energy drink without having to actually drink one. We know you’re tired of your same ol’ workout playlist so we’ve put together a list of 10 excellent hip hop records you will enjoy working out to in the gym.

10. Twist It Up By Hitman Chris

With no hook but with all attitude and assertiveness you could possibly need, Twist It Up makes for a great warm-up song. It has that swag and badassness while still abiding a monotone cadence. Just the right record for the beginning of your workout.

9. Live From The Natural State By Frankie Da Game Spitta

Frankie Da Game Spitta will take your mental determination up a notch with Live From The Natural State. This record is loaded with grand ambition and bigger-than-life vibes, and add as well the insanely heavy beat. Your push-ups will hit another level when listening to this song. A must on your workout playlist.

8. By My Side By Fresco Trey

Fresco Trey commands the beat and leads the entire song single-handedly, obliterating all naysayers with a sick flow and smartly-intercalated cuss words in his By My Side song. The best thing about this record is the alternation between the melodic hook and the hardcore rap verses. So you could actually take it easier and get your breath together before going in on the verses.

7. Double Up By Money Matt

Money Matt starts feeling like a legit fitness trainer right as he says ”I had to run a bag/ And I had to muscle up/ I said I had to run a bag/ And I had to muscle up”. You NEED this song on your playlist as it is that push in your back that you needed to go harder than ever. Double Up matches the physical grind with its cocky lyrics and the sleek instrumental. Just ideal for working out.

6. Talking Bout By Chad Gray

Faster paced than a lot of modern rap songs, Talking Bout by Chad Gray is ideal for when you need that mental stimulation to hang in there for longer than usual on the treadmill. With plenty of vivid lyrics describing in abundance the details of a better life, a better future, a better you, Talking Bout keeps the final goal into perspective while dealing with your present self to the best of your ability. What else could you possibly want for during a workout?

5. Piggy Bank By FuhReal

FuhReal dives all into that competitiveness space in his Piggy Bank record. With a rapid flow, a clear but mysterious beat, a perfectly-adapted voice, and an incredibly catchy hook, Piggy Bank will become your rightful companion during workout sessions.

4. Who Hotta Than Me By Mz Chocolate

A rap record that will be strongly appreciated by both women and men, Who Hotta Than Me goes in! The whole industry hasn’t had such gigantic hip hop gems coming from a female rapper since the likes of Eve and Lil Kim in the ’00s. Lyrics that go harder than your biceps, an attitude that flexes further than your triceps, and a beat that’s denser than your pre-workout supplements, Mz Chocolate will have you working your ass off just to keep up with her self-confidence in Who Hotta Than Me.

3. Ok By King Kashi

King Kashi’s deep voice makes Ok go HARD AF. You work out to this song, you gon’ break your own records. The instrumental, the eerie high pitched notes in the back, the main vocal tracks oozing confidence and swag, all come together to offer a major mental booster. You could even box on this track. Heavenly. Hip Hop at its finest.

2. Run Down (Ridin’) By Matticz

Boy oh boy… Do you ever miss real songs like we used to have back in the day thanks to Ice Cube, Dre, Snoop Dogg, G Eazy and all other equally stellar hip hop artists ? Well congratulations, we’ve just handed you a song that is ALL THAT and MORE! These are 3 grown men with a grown record to offer the audience. Run Down is impeccable in its delivery, entertaining in the 3 different styles each artist brings to the table, and breathes fire through every bar you hear. You NEED this during your workouts.

1. Gone (Hotter) By KYD Works

KYD Works takes the crown once more. Such a phenomenal record, such high-end production, such raw energy, just f*ckin’ WOW! Gone (Hotter) is the perfect song to get angry, motivated, and push your body to its limits. Your physical strength has its roots in your mind. Get that mind on fire and your muscles will follow. Oh, did we mention KYD Works actually IS A FITNESS TRAINER too? There. You ain’t never had a better song for working out that actually made sense.

Did you know you can significantly help upcoming artists by donating your time? You read that right. By streaming the playlist below you will be helping a good 40 highly determined and ambitious artists that we’ve hand-picked from across the world. And their music is actually phenomenal.

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