Rescue By Mums The Word, An Exquisite Blast of Jazz, Funk, and Lounge Music

My heart is bubbling over with joy and appreciation for this outstanding record that is quite literally a triple threat, offering the audience the jazzy saxophone, loungey vocals, and a funky, groovy bass. Grown people and sophisticated teenagers alike, will savor every single second of this masterpiece. Mums The Word, “South Jersey’s favorite jam band” in their own words, have created a prosperous, musically vast, genre-bending track with their release, Rescue.

Let me congratulate you, the reader, on a whole lot of good news that is about to follow. The first, is that Rescue lasts 6 minutes! yes! songs like this still exist! Second would be, no autotune! Third, no synthetic sounds! Fourth, it is actually interesting, being a song that details the perspective of a performer who sees someone in the audience who they’d like to go home with. Hehehehe (insert curious face) Now let’s get to it!

The intro is very mysterious, with the saxophone’s intense and sharp notes reminding us of vintage detective movies. And just when you’re getting comfortable, the clear, resonant, and unmistakeable classy vocals hit you with: “R-E-S-C-U-E is what I really need to feel alright now/ You tell me I can’t do what it really means to feel alive child/ Feeling me, easy to see, no one ever does what they’re commanded”, the lead singer being Marisa Corry. Amusing how the lyrics are playful, hiding personal attraction in theories on general rebellion. We see what you did there.

And that bass… that bass gives some serious hot appeal to the song, albeit discrete, it makes a huge difference in the overall sound of Rescue. Those seductive rings help turn the record into a more intimate affair. Marisa’s voice, Jesse Grillo’s bass, and Ed Meir’s saxophone… we need a fire hydrant! It is remarkable how an apparently laid-back composition proves to be a beast in disguise, revealing its sexy layers with every passing second.

The hook settles the band value once and for all, being short, captivating, efficient in its delivery, and my-oh-my, abundant in backing vocals and an unexpected, high-quality blues scream at the end of it! “Won’t you Rescue me?/ I need you right now/ Won’t you help me out?/ Baby/ yaaa-hooo” a round of applause for Marisa’s soprano voice charmingly leading the song and effortlessly riding the instrumental.

Mums The Word did take it there however, thankfully, talking directly about the chase-like developing attraction: “Hungry eyes, tell no lies/ I really think you’re something worth pursuing/ (Yes I do) It’s easy to see/ ya feeling me/ move a little closer so we can get down right now.” hell yeah! now we’re in the very middle of the scene, and accordingly, enjoying the song’s peak moment.

After the 2nd verse we’re also introduced to the majestic guitar trio, with Brian Corry on the rhythm guitar, Jason Hosier – lead guitar, and Jesse Grillo – in charge of the bass guitar. And do these guys kill it… BIG TIME. They’ve morphed the song from a jazz lounge jam into a funk track. The skills Mums The Word packs, is quite honestly unfair to everyone else trying to make it onto the instrumental scene 😀 How can one compete against greatness multiplied by 8??? The remaining 3 members we have to yet mention are: Garrett White – Drumkit, Mike Greaser – Drums and Percussion, Jakki Roberts – Backing Vocals. And if you thought that was all, apparently the numbers go even further o_O : “This song was actually written to be performed by our friend, vocalist, and bassist Dom Levy. Circumstances made him unavailable to attend recording and Marisa took the reins on vocals while Jesse Grillo picked up the bass line. Marisa and Jesse with the rest of Mums the Word helped to develop the tune into what you hear recorded. Our friend, vocalist Jakki Roberts, also improvised her parts in-studio adding her signature, soulful, vocal style to the track. The addition of Ed Meir on the saxophone and Jason Hosier on lead guitar gives the track both melodic support AND ripping solos.” MIC DROP.
Word of advice to fellow artists: don’t mess with Mums The Word. They’re big in numbers and have a title that won’t come to your help if anything goes down 😀

On a serious note, Rescue is a genius record dipping heavily in three whole genres: jazz, lounge, and funk while triumphantly stealing the show for an entire 6 minutes.

Make sure you add this awesomeness of a song to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Google Play HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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