Broken By SP Sargeant, When The Artist Is An Excellent Rapper And A Good Singer

Broken by SP Sargeant is something worthy of a movie soundtrack, with actual wind blowing through the entire song, giving it an eerie, cinematic touch. Rather impressive how the title makes you think of a failed relationship, and it is, but not with another person, it’s a separation from his past self and old perspective. With an instrumental that underlines an interesting instance of throwback hip hop of the early ’00s and lyrics that convey a message far above average, SP Sargeant is here to pave his own road in the music industry and already succeeding while at it.

The song starts on a very vintagey note, with some far-sounding synth and a piano-like instrument in the front, SP Sargeant goes to serve the hook to the listener: “It wasn’t working it was broken/ Like a voided funfair token/ Was so broke life was provoking/ We don’t want to just be floating/ Over my potential never see me boasting”. It is admirable how the artist managed to tie up the words in a way that voided funfair token for example, sounds like another language for a second, and then when you listen closer, you realize you actually understand it because it’s the same English you’re speaking, but it sounds super melodic and fits excellently with the prolonged vowels in broken, provoking, floating, and boasting.

As soon as the chorus ends, the transition is immediately engulfed in rap verses: “I be good at this rhyming stuff/ Said they wanna work but caught their bluff / Was so hungry never had enough/ Just about break a smile not even a chuff” SP Sargeant starts off with perfect rhyming pattern and then slows it down right around chuff, building up the upcoming much sober message :“I came from Plaistow that place turnt me colder/ Came far from having to look over my shoulder/ Heavy weight lifter as my goals size of a Boulder/ Business man i have to become my own stake holder”. The moment he mentions the actual location, a shudder of cold goes through you, making the lyrics become as real as life. If the hook and the verse started poetically, now we’re getting the real scoop on SP Sargeant’s background.

SP Sargeant then goes to mention something quite revolutionary: “As I control what my brain perceive/ It’s my vision that made my want succeed”, 2 lines that denote wisdom beyond street smarts or school books. This is mental material right here. And even grasping the idea that for one to suceed it is necessary to feed your brain with certain material only, that in itself is astonishing. We don’t know of any other rap artists to preach such monumental advice in their creations.

Production wise, the drums are light and easy on the ear, the vocal track is the one carrying the weight of the song, and that wind sound is just otherwordly, making Broken an audible piece of art.

If you’re in need of a final vision while starting from the bottom, Broken will provide you the much-needed guidance: “This life and time for granted I can’t be taking/ I just come with this positive I can’t be faking” 

Song Credits: mastered by the Massiah, beat produced by Gary Yearwood, recorded at SD productions Studio in London.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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