Quarantine Summer By Joshua Flores, The Best Pop EP Of 2020

We are absolutely stoked to be introducing you today to a young, insanely talented singer from Corpus Christi, Texas. His name is Joshua Flores and his EP, Quarantine Summer, offers a profoundly different take on pop as you know it. Quarantine Summer is an outright genre rollercoaster, ranging from organic pop, fast singing that outpaces even rap artists, laid back RnB vocals, and a surprising touch of the ’80s vibes. Think of Chris Brown mixed with Dua Lipa. I know, hard to fathom, but Joshua Flores’s music is exactly that.

I’m Done, the first song off the EP, is laying the foundation for the listener’s expectations. And mind you, these turn out to be quite high as Joshua sings flawlessly and doesn’t miss a single damn note. He even harmonizes with himself on the hook, carrying the entire vocal arrangement as both the back singer and the main vocalist. This screams of one thing: YEARS of work and vocal mastery. Major applause as well for the excellent audio production. Every single instrument is vivid, balanced, and beautifully intercalated with one another. And those lyrics!!! “With all of your lies/ And your fake cries/ I realize that I’m so done/ You’ll never be the one for me/ Don’t you see that I’m so done” damn… narcissists just exited the room.

Attention, the 2nd track off Quarantine Summer, is dead serious a hit song. If Joshua shot a music video for it and got some influencers to dance on it, Tik Tok would be on fire in 3, 2, 1! Attention displays a modern production, that contemporaneous rhythm rooted in the upgraded Latin sound (think J Balvin’s drums and snares), and a voice that buzzes victoriously throughout the entirety of the song. It is a major treat for pop lovers and Latin music aficionados. Admirable how Joshua laid vocals from start to end without a single musical break in between. And we love that. That’s how music used to be before the invasion of untalented singers who conveniently step away during the hook to let the music do the “singing”. Thank you Joshua Flores for keeping remarkably high standards in creating music.

Slow is an unexpected but a most welcome RnB surprise on Quarantine Summer. Joshua Flores introduces the audience to a new facet of his fabulous voice, going deeper than the first tracks, and diving in plenty of fast vibrato endings and harmonies. Lyrically, it sounds like he’s found a new, better love than the one he’s dumped in I’m Done. Interesting how Quarantine Summer starts feeling like a portion of Joshua’s personal timeline exquisitely laid over sensational instrumentals.

Vibe, the 4th song off the EP, is another masterpiece that supports Joshua Flores’s assertion as a prolific, multi-faceted artist. If Slow was an RnB surprise, Vibe feels like an ’80s confetti was popped over your head when you just woke up. A major shock but a strong artistic statement. And given how Dua Lipa quite single-handedly revived the ’80s phenomenon, the market is more than ready for Joshua Flores’s Vibe. It is a record that will attract 2 huge audiences: generation Z AND their parents, generation X. The lyrics are easy to memorize, smooth in delivery, and add a retro spark to Quarantine Summer. Well done Joshua, well done!

Farewell, the 5th and last song off Quarantine Summer, gives us some melancholic acoustic guitar, clean hip hop-like drums, relaxed vocals, which summed up, results in timeless potential. And let’s talk about how Joshua’s singing style progresses towards rap when he speeds it up, coming full circle with the beat, the uncensored lyrics, and the aggressive attitude. Joshua Flores completely dominates the track, rendering it an adult break up song. Curious if it’s the same person from I’m Done or if it’s the second one that seemed nice in Vibe and Slow. He does mention that she f*cked him over twice! o_O sheesh, we want an IG handle to judge deeper in 😀

On a serious note, Quarantine Summer has it all: happy vibes, retro vibes, break up vibes, sexy vibes, romantic vibes, turning out to be incredibly expansive in its lyrical and musical content. Joshua Flores will also ingrain his vocal abilities and star quality in your brain with every sung line. This is an artist waiting to take over the pop share of the music market. And he just proved he undoubtedly deserves it.

Make sure you support Joshua Flores by adding Quarantine Summer to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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