Baby Momma Drama Queen By Frankie Da GameSpitta ft. Coleone, When Real Drama Creates High-Quality Song Plots

You ever listened to a song that depicts some real-life hardships but it was a complete BOP and you felt slightly guilty for enjoying it so much? Nah? Well, there’s a first for everything. Baby Momma Drama Queen by Frankie Da GameSpitta feat. Coleone, is a wild song compared to most of the tracks out there at the moment, with a very descriptive narrative, an absolute infectious hook, and sharing the true emotions from a man’s perspective in co-parenting situationships. It packs more substance and appeal than you could ever expect given the title. Simply outstanding.

After the initial optimistic guitar and synth notes, we get hit with the unexpectedly deep hook: “I’m sick and tired of my baby momma drama queen/ I’m through dealing you just tell me what my baby need/ We don’t have to be around to raise ‘em well/ I’m about to pack my bags and leave before I go to jailo_O can we talk about just how good the hook is??? It’s damn right phenomenal! So easy to like, so easy to sing, so easy on the ears, so immune from the negative connotations it implies through the lyrics. It’s like the hook decided to have a party of its own even when the lyrics told him not to.

Frankie Da GameSpitta goes straight to the point, with plenty of ferocity in his voice, introducing us to the main character from a third party perspective: “He’s not your typical role model but he strive to be a good father/ See he smoke a lil weed and he drink, 70 work hours in a week/ Got his own crib and he single and got two kids by Denise”, painting a realistic mental portrait of the father figure. He’s a hard-working man, a good father, but a flawed human being with shortcomings like all of us. The story then develops with increasing interest: “She was known as the neighborhood freak/ […] Dancing in the club cause she gotta pay her bills/ Baby daddy on some other sh*t where he live/ got b*tches runnin’ in and out the crib/ So she make his life hell” Oh. My. God! This is better than any telenovela Telemundo has ever put out. So we got the neighborhood wild girl, who’s also a stripper, who’s got 2 children with a good but flawed man, who too got plenty of women in and out of his life, and she is giving him hell for it. Someone pass me an entire bucket of popcorn!!!

Hair and nails did kids looking bummy/ Tears in his ears/ Baby momma drama/ If it wasn’t a crime/ He’d prolly gun her” *looking for my jaw on the floor* damn Frankie! You went THERE! This is spectacular: unfiltered lyrics, real-life issues, more details than we could ask for, rapid flow, sticky hook, formidable production, in two words, PURE ENTERTAINMENT!

Frankie kept the best for last, turning the plot to 180 degrees: “Why you wanna tell yo kids that they daddy ain’t sh*t when it’s you/ We gon cut that short/ If you really wanna see yo kids that bad take that b*tch to courtone can almost touch the layer of pain and anger in the words we hear, in the way the last message is delivered and how authentic it feels.

The bridge followed by Coleone is a very melodic one, leaning towards RnB vibes, and he takes the audience back in time by going into detail about how the romantic relationship evolved from being a loving one to a toxic environment.

Frankie Da GameSpitta manages to instigate spontaneous admiration in the name of all fathers dealing with a difficult co-parent, by transparently talking about both the qualities and the shortcomings of the father figure. But he mostly connects with the audience through his ending words of advising to legally take things to the next level.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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