AMoBroBro, One Of The Best Unconventional Upcoming Rap Artists

They say that no new artist is actually different. That whatever it is you’re doing, most likely than not, there’s someone else who already did it. And 99% of the time, that stands true. Not today though. Not today. AMoBroBro is a Hip Hop artist from Fort Worth, Texas, with a most natural sound, thrilling lyrics, catchy hooks, and ambition that is contagious enough to put the listener in an enthusiastic mood. Albeit sounding normal thus far, his music and flow style is highly uncommon. Think of a mix between Jay-Z and Future.

If you’re scratching your head at the mesh we suggested, we get it. Jay never mumbles and grounds his topics around bettering his life while Future is the antithesis of Jay, engulfing his vocals in autotune and leaning very much into drug use and the high life. Well, AMoBroBro is surprisingly exactly in the middle of that spectrum. For example, he dabs in autotune and tying up words very much like mumble rap in Moore Drip, the second track off his Moore Worth album, while talking about leveling up.

Naturally, my first question is based on the first obvious impressions of his music, “You do realize you sound like no one else out there right now? Does that scare you or encourage you?”, to which AMoBroBro responds genuinely: “It really scares me. People always tell me it but that can be a reason no one is just constantly playing me. They wanna hear radio music, same songs on repeat.” That is healthy realism in his answer. The good news for AMoBroBro is that Gen Z, the main consumers of music at the moment, love discovering new artists and average a minimum of 5 genres on their playlists. That means that AMoBroBro is actually developing his career and unique sound at the right time in history. Had he been aggressive before, he would have been too different from the industry standards. Now, however, standing out is the strongest artistic plus one could possibly have.

After you’ll have finished listening to both of his latest albums, Moore Worth and One Moore, you’ll have noticed a beat pattern, “I’ve noticed an affinity for organic instruments in both albums, such as piano and guitar. Did you have an input in the production process?” And we get to discover that AmoBroBro, as a matter of fact, goes with the feelings the instrumentals instigate in his soul: “I have a few producers I like. I love a dope ass baseline behind a piano or guitar when it gives the illusion of being simple but you feel every bit of the sound” This is where the resemblance to the likes of Jay-Z is most obvious. They both strongly prefer organic sounds and simplistic beats that they can bend lyrically to their willingness. Interesting.

In the very first 2 songs, Starter and Focus off One Moore, the flow is heavily laid-back. Is that one of your particularities or it’s that Texas rap influence?” and AMoBroBro curiously has a revelation: “I never really thought about that. It could be a Texas thing. I just feel some beats call for it. And then again, probably it’s just my own character coming through. I am a very laid back kinda person.” Fair enough. But as always, we gotta dig deeper, “Speaking of both albums, did you already have the songs waiting to be released or you decided on producing the albums first and created the songs to fit it afterwards?” and again, AMoBroBro goes against any expectations and sticks, probably unknowingly to himself, to the same heavy duality he’s been displaying in both his music and his personality since the beginning of the interview: “Some of the tracks were recently made but most are old honestly which is good because it shows they obviously age well lol” I think we’re starting to get it. We are so not going to have a black and white clarity with this artist. AMoBroBro is complex in his answers just as he is in his songs.

Astonishingly though, he does have a favorite song of his own! “I would have to put it between “Daddy’s lil girl” or “Deep”.” Nevermind, we were joking. “Daddy’s lil girl because I’ve always wanted to make a song about a person in my life that I could fully put out as a relative track. Ghat Son just did it perfectly and more. It was so easy to vibe with it. As for Deep, because I love my sister’s (Jai Mee) voice on a song. We’ve done music in the past but never like this particular track. We just rolled the hell out of it and against the bassline mixed with piano, it was all perfect.

Speaking of, I just noticed the albums’ titles don’t match any of the songs on the albums themselves. Can you explain that particular choice?” I have to ask as it is very much a first on our platform to encounter such lengthy projects that don’t match the leading singles in title. ““Moore” is my last name “Worth” being the city I’m from (Fort Worth). The song titles may not match but the meanings do. Every song has a deeper meaning. I speak on family, exes, friends, old friends, money, and just random women. I’m basically asking what’s worth more while also dealing with my own demons.

Now moving on to know the man behind the contrasting sound, “At what age you decided on your stage name?”, to which we get the following answer: “Around 17. Its been A.Mo, A Mo, and A-Mo. People always mess it up calling me ammo or some funny stuff. But I put the brobro at the end so I wouldn’t be confused with any other AMo or similar names.” Funnily enough, even the name is different from the usual stage titles we’re used to. Almost un-American ending on the O vowel.

A 10-minute research into AMoBroBro’s music and videos on YouTube and it’s clear as daylight this guy has been investing in his sound and visuals for a good while now. When an artist goes as hard as AMoBroBro does, usually it means someone has been rocking with their sound way before anyone else, and that that someone is most likely the driving force behind the motivation. So I ask a simple question, “Who believed in you before anyone else?”, and DRUM ROLL… we finally get a concise answer! “My cousin Beth. She always loved the music that I made even when I hate it.” Beth, you better be super proud because the only answer that was singular and precise, was THIS one. You must really mean something to AMoBroBro.

The artist life comes with plenty of rewarding moments and dark days alike, “What do you enjoy most about being a rap artist and equally, what’s the part you dread?” AMoBroBro proceeds to share “I enjoy the vibe of listening to myself, make the type of music I love and people feeling the words and passion I put into it. I’d say I dread that folks sleep on me but listen to they homeboys’ bs. I’m better than 90% of my city IMO,” well damn! There goes that ego that is usually the foundation behind every big rap name.

As always, we end the interviews with the artist mentioning and crediting their special inspirations: “I would like to thank Huck first and foremost. He really been light, a fire under me, to get out more and helping me out behind the scenes. Also, to my mom who bought my first laptop and got me and my brother started. I’ve always thought he was my ceiling when it came to rap, trying to impress him makes me go hard on every song. I’ll make something I think is fire and ask him what he thinks, he would respond with “its cool”. That sh*t annoys me so much lol but like I said it just makes me go harder.

Make sure you reach out to AMoBroBro directly on his social media on Instagram HERE, on Twitter HERE, and add his music on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Interview conducted by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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