Bandz By Butta Lotus, A Daring Rap Record About The Female Hustler

Butta Lotus is bringing something exceptional to rap music consumers: a powerful song for female go-getters. If most hip hop artists usually lean towards objectifying women, Butta Lotus raps his praises and admiration for the hustler mentality in his latest release, Bandz. Written from a third-person perspective, with lyrics clear as day, and a surprisingly simplistic beat, Bandz is a track defiant of the stereotypical dynamic between the hustler man and hustler woman, daring to put the two in equally powerful positions rather than idolizing one and downplaying the other. It’s actually one of those records whose indirect message hits harder than the artist intended.

The song starts with a whispering tone of the hook: “She run them bands up/ She put it in the safe/ She pull her pants up/ Before she make it shake”, instigating serious curiosity from the audience as it remains unclear if we’re going to hear these lines again, if it was just an intro, or if it was some abstract bridge. As you’ll have noticed later on, this is the glue of the song.

Butta Lotus’s flow, except for occasional and intentional pauses, is fast-paced and most likely, in the tenor register. The first verse packs a heavy description of the subject’s mental state: “N***as be running her bands/ But getting her heart is so hopeless”, “She never brag she got her own/ She a survivor like roaches ”, “She not conceited she just come with everything a n***a need to flex with her”. Butta Lotus has done a magnificent job in depicting a third character so well as to make the listener feel present in the same space as himself and the lady in cause.

Then we get to hear the hook again, with some added instruments compared to the intro version of it, but it maintains that same mysterious vibe it exuded first. It is intriguing how Butta Lotus stripped the hook from anything that was not essential to the message, leaving the verses to carry the versatility of the song, and the hook – to reinforce the core message.

The second verse is rather steamy and gets very personal with the details: “Having her in all the positions ay/ I dismantle her”, “Stood in front of me twerkin’/ Nude on tha surface”, “P*ssy in front of me/ Runnin’ me”, making it clear that despite her masculine demeanor and hustling side, he still is very much attracted to her, letting both facets of her character, masculine and feminine, coexist in peace in one person. Something that is quite spectacular truth be told, as a lot of men generally like boxing women in one of the 2 categories. Thank you Butta Lotus. Your message will be highly appreciated by women.

Towards the end of Bandz, Butta Lotus adds in not one, but two catchy bridges, making the song super entertaining all the way through: “Get money/ Get money/ Get from me”, and “She so express/ Set the press/ So express/ Set the press”. We gotta give credit where credit is due, ’cause few to none will have the courage to step so much out of the safe zone of songwriting and song structure. Very impressive Butta Lotus, very impressive.

Bandz is a rap record that will have your attention for all of the 3 minutes, completely overdelivering in matters of lyrical expectations and improv. Subsequently, make sure you add Bandz to your playlists on Apple Music, on Google Play, on Deezer, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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