Pocketful by Scorch, A Mighty Rap Record Veiled In A Fun Auditory Dynamic

Today’s rap record is a blast of energy of gigantic proportions. Scorch crystallized his value as an artist and songwriter with his latest release, Pocketful, a song that converts material possesions into motivational mental power. Pocketful represents that beautiful duality between a rap artist’s fast flow and a light-vibe type of beat. With the absolute promise that you will get hooked to this track, let’s proceed to dissect it below!

Those super airy bells that mark the beginning of Pocketful are smartly layered against the much more sombre unison of trumpet-like synths. Then right around 15 seconds, Scorch hits us with the exciting hook: “I came in with a pocket full, on racks on racks/ Yeah, you know I’m bout to act a fool, on racks on racks/ Homie said what you tryna prove, on racks on racks/ Nothing really n**** this is what I do, on racks on racks”. Repeated two times, the hook strongly flaunts the earworm factor being responsible for you liking it instantaneously! Also, Scorch’s voice is flawlessly adapted to the instrumental, making the two sound entangled. They both shine at the same time, helping one another stand out.

The first verse is a major display of opulence, power, and the female partner: “I’m drippy like a chain when it’s iced out”, “Running up a check Nike in that air/ Rolling with a mob and they don’t play fair”, “Modern-day bad chick like a night-time terror/ There’s some things in this world that she just ain’t scared of”. Schorch’s relatively fast-paced flow is substantial to the song’s impact, making it seem like the record is much shorter than 3 minutes. He also manages to carry the same excitement during the verse as during the hook, keeping up the high expectations and delivering rap excellency with every rhyme.

The second verse is much more singular in its narrative, focusing on the woman in case, detailing her unique physical appearance (“Yeah she got a nice shape and it ain’t fake”), underlining the upcoming multi-faceted vulnerability caused by her (“Girl you got me to the point I can’t stand straight”), her hustle (“Shorty popping on the pole like a real winner/ She leave the club around 4 I’m tryna chill with her”), and most curiously, how the man is interested in pursuing a long-term relationship (“I love the way you put it down I’m tryna build with ya”). The last point became interesting based on the previous verse which seems to be about an entirely another woman, clashing the physical short-term interest (“Private lap dance ‘n the team gone share ya”) with the 2nd verse’s real admiration (“I ain’t playing girl I’m saying I’m about that”).

The fact that Scorch kept the classic song structure (hook, verse, hook, verse, hook) is much appreciated, as it feels almost novel at this point. With modern songs that last only one minute, hooks that are cut short, or entirely dropped off, and verses that don’t respect the rhythm, keeping it old-school actually feels refreshing. Big bonus points for that one.

Pocketful is a rap song of a hidden force, packing an entire go-getter message under a catchy hook and a fun instrumental. Scorch supplies the audience demand for upbeat hip hop songs, with glory, class, and a flow easy to follow.

Song Credits: Kid Ocean – producer, French – recording engineer, Kid Cus at Mercy Sound Recordings – mixing engineer, Jae Pryce – mastering engineer.

Make sure you add Pocketful to your playlists on Amazon Music, on Apple Music, on Deezer, on Tidal, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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