Favorite High by Jericho King (The Remix), A Dazzling Modern RnB Derivative Of Dancehall Music

Favorite High The Remix is a beautiful, modern RnB jam that will highly impress you as it has its roots in Dancehall music. Jericho King has brought along 3 other extraordinary artists to make the remix happen: Jay D Ripper, Swa, and Shema Star. A triumphant record that is both a pioneer in the evolution of Dancehall, and a sexy track for vibing in two in the bedroom.

Those raised in Europe during the 2000s, will feel this song as extremely familiar, as it strongly reminds us of French dancehall artists we’ve had on the radio in heavy rotation (Jmi Sissoko, Daddy Mory, Sir Samuel, Azrock). Oh and btw, yes, dancehall is huge over here. There are dance schools for it, masterclasses, dedicated club nights, events, and a bunch of IG contests. It’s a huge culture and movement despite it not being on mainstream channels.

Back to our song, Favorite High The Remix, it starts unexpectedly smooth, with Swa’s voice on the hook luring you in: “You kiss me here and I’ll kiss you there/ Touch me right here and I’ll lick you everywhere/ Loving you all night loving you all night/ I love to touch the blessing lies/ Between yo thighs you my favorite high/ You my favorite high” – well damn. The lyrics are self-explanatory and straightforward so no need for detailing here 😀 but… let’s give a MAJOR shout out to Swa as this woman displays vocal control like no other. She goes from alto notes to head voice tonalities in matters of seconds. Breathtaking!

Jay D Ripper is the one in charge of the first verse, fitting perfectly with Swa’s introduction while bringing that male energy: “She a fi f*ck inna the shade/ f*ck inna the shed/ f*ck inna the Benz/ Sabi f*ck inna the Bed/ Man a f*ck you wey u want/ f*ck you when you want/ f*ck you in the bathtub/ Gal i’ll f*ck you pon the lawn”, maybe we should have put an 18+ Warning 😀 His rap flow is stable and monochromatic, letting the instrumental take the lead and keeping it danceable. Lyrically, it’s of huge satisfaction hearing the artist later on taking things beyond just physical attraction: “This ain’t no f*ck affair cos/ Man a Put a ring on it/ Gyal ya put a grip on it/ Me never leaving no way/ Me say mi never flip” Salute to the real men!

After another super melodic hook by Swa, in comes Jericho King, and he goes further than we’ve heard any rapper go since we started Blue Rhymez Entertainment 😀 “F*ck up yo sh*t make it drip from the pearl/ Tryn make my stick reach ya lungs/ Make ya teeth bite ya lips til you taste blood/ Getting f*cked by this thug ah get you carpet burns/ I get it off the floor get, get you on the floor” While his verse is the most aggressive out of the 3 rap artists, his flow is very laid back and calm, with his voice being in the tenor register. What I’m trying to say, I guess, is you’d imagine Hulk rapping these bars, and then you hear this chill voice saying these things like it’s what he has daily for breakfast. A true entertainer.

After the 2 rap artists and the one female singer, Shema Star comes in as the female rapper to balance out the song : “When you kiss me deh, yuh tek me to me daydreams/ Den yuh touch me, I see glitta fall from de seams/ De love yuh a gi me itta a sweet like a censi/ Harsh pon me heart, but rock me body gently”, with a voice that is crystal clear and understandable despite the accent. Reminds us of Nicki Minaj when she first started out. Good job Shema Star!

Favorite High (The Remix) is a dancehall record with modern RnB-like production, delivering star quality in the music department and the expansive vocal combo of 4 different artists. It stands out as a composition representative of the new era that dancehall music has entered. When many artists mesh rap and hip hop with this genre, Jericho King took the RnB route and we’re very appreciative of the beautiful result.

Make sure you add Favorite High The Remix to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Google Play Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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