Switchin’ & Plottin’ by J Coova, The Calm But Powerful Anthem You’ve Been Craving

Today’s rap song flaunts an air of prosperity, grand-scale thinking, and a charming glimpse into J Coova’s mind. Switchin’ & Plottin’ is the type of record that takes pleasure in youthful vanities while illustriously underlining the zero-to-hero narrative. With a mature voice and a deep tone, J Coova effortlessly holds the entire track together all by himself and raps with a force most convicing. From start till end, Switchin’ & Plottin’ entertains and makes promises it delivers on.

The intro is a gentle one, starting off with a delicate piano followed by a rather contrasting “ay-yeah” that lets us know the man of the hour is here. That solo ad-lib makes a profound promise, as to bluntly cut through the light notes takes some courage. And sure enough, J Coova fully complies with the expectations: “Homies they switchin’ & plottin’/ Mad at the flex they ain’t got it/ Money ain’t getting much taller/ Handle my sh*t like a boss/ Yea I’m a baller”, emphasizing that harsh but empowering feeling of overgrowing your beginnings, your old ways, your frenemies. J Coova does something very unique and unusual for rap songs. He made the hook sound like the verse, later on completely immersing the two, and you only realize it is the chorus when it comes back up again, “After we sex I ain’t call her/ Know that you got another/ But you ain’t love ’em/ Dash on a 100 like emergency/ 9/11 yea no ambulance fee/ Never for you I do it for me”, being the 2nd part of it.

The following verse is grippingly disarming, accentuating the mental state over the usual overplayed material possessions the radio’s been feeding us with: “No I’m not greedy/ I work so hard for it/ The grind is in me/ How can I leave/ Money be fold under sheets/ Haven’t been out for some weeks”, this alone renders Switchin’ &Plottin’ an artwork for it still abides by the rap construct but it manages to do so while shining the light over the emotional state first and foremost. J Coova keeps his rhymes perfect and his bars short, and it simply works. It’s a song you can chill back to, or get pumped to: “Room full of demons I fought on my own/ Feel like I woke up out of a coma/ Roll up a spliff/ I’m back in my zone/ Feel like a champ/ I’m back in my corner”.

The second verse, which comes in after a welcome double repeat of the hook, seems to loosen its defensive state to the advantages of the newfound lifestyle: “Love ’em by the two’s yea at the same/ Baby come grab the recorder/ You called I came with the order/ Knowing we lit flex/ Hop in the foreign/ Told y’all them bozos be boring”. Pay attention to the word seems, because it only did so for a second and quickly swerved right back to its aggressive roots: “If they come try shots for the warning”.

With a pristine production, crystal clear mixed vocals, and a suave beat that brings the message even closer to the public, Switchin’ & Plottin’ is THE song to listen to when you’re trying to draw clarity from the infinite confusions and drawbacks of real-life adversities.

Song Credits: Ruben Perez – Composer, Lyricist; Lourex – Producer; Cory Wires – Engineer; Cory Wires – Mixer.

Make sure you add this artful song to your playlists on Deezer HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Google Play HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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