When The Freestyle Goes Harder Than The Original: Still Tippin’ by CheckkaBaggShawtyy

It’s not often we come across a freestyle we feel like sharing. Or even feel like listening all the way through. Today, however, we’ve been quite shocked by CheckkaBaggShawtyy’s take on the infamous Still Tippin by Mike Jones. While the original undoubtedly has outdated produced vocals and mixing style, CheckkaBaggShawtyy upgraded the beat by adding his modern voice, ad-libs, and most importantly, his insanely entertaining narrative of a rap artist. We approve.

After a speech snippet which emphasizes that people who get to the top become too greedy and try to cut you off, CheckkaBaggShawtyy jumps in with a message that could easily be interpreted as a warning as well: “You either wit me or you ain’t, ain’t no in-between/ Been getting it since a teen every whip I ride clean”, the artist fitting the words sharply on the drum pattern, building up the anticipation for the details that are to come. The atmosphere just keeps getting thicker as CheckkaBaggShawtyy intensifies the wealth description and the beautiful women he got access to: “Big bands in my jeans/ gliss n Glenn like oil sheen(Shine)/ Foreign b*tch name Krystin/ b*tch come from Philipens/ look like a goddess outta dream/ Something you see in a magazine”.

Despite a monochromatic initial delivery, CheckkaBaggShawty possesses the definite skill to escalate the mood steadily but aggressively: “Money on my mind/ I’m on the way to the top/ Cream of the crop/ I don’t play about my gwap”. As he details the go-getter mindset, his voice goes to rise sharply almost in a threatening tone, coinciding with the grim lyrics: “Posted with a glock/ fillin’ scripts like a doc/ North Lil rock on lock/ I’m Gucci mix wit Pac/ Sippin wock/ never gotta cock/ I keep 1 up top/ Pop a opp f*ck a cop/ I do numbers like a stock” We like the Gucci-Pac selection of artists, as the two are quite different from one another, their music feeling like 2 sides of the same coin. You see, CheckkaBaggShawtyy manages to keep the audience entertained without any structure to the song whatsoever. It takes true talent to sound good, make sense, AND be catchy during a freestyle. It’s a whole other monster. If you put most of your favorite top 10 in the booth, they will go goo goo ga ga ya da ya da, because spitting bars off the top is close to being an extinct art.

If you thought women were spared the wrath… WRONG! 😀 “My drip ain’t from the A/ Dem n****s dressing g**/ charge a b*tch like she weigh/ she can’t stay if she don’t pay” These lyrics right here come as a wild shock but also as a rightful measure of the artist’s savage and fearless character. The impression of CheckkaBaggShawtyy’s versatility and surprise factor grows exponentially from start to end. While he kicked off the freestyle with a moderately light warning, he then touched topics like exotic women, yellow limousines, money on his mind, Gucci and Pac, eff the police NWA style, Kobe Bryant, and b*tches who get charged 😀 If we were to put a definition to what we witnessed today, would be CheckkaBaggShawtyy’s Still Tippin’ Freestyle is a wild, raw, unfiltered, satisfying rap rollercoaster.

Make sure you add this exceptional freestyle to your playlists on Amazon Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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