John Madden by Rra Rage, When You Got 2 Equally Remarkable rap Identities

What if I told you that today’s artist was already introduced to you right about 1 week ago? That would make that artist to be none other than Jericho King. That’s right, the exact same rapper from that dancehall track can go 0 to 100 real quick. A versatility that deserves to be noticed. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Rra Rage, aka Jericho King, aka the artist with 2 identities and each one worthy of your attention. They both do rap but they are so different in style from one another that you might end up looking for your jaw for a while.

Let’s start off with the meaning behind the 2 names from the man of the hour himself: “Rra Rage translates into “our energy”. It was a representation of life as I knew it. As I matured and began to experience life beyond the streets I wanted to create music for that platform. Music to be enjoyed while experiencing those emotions. Jericho King became my expression for that part of my life. I didn’t want to blend the sounds and ruin an established fan base nor did I want Jericho fans’ vibe to be interrupted by the Rra Rage content.” talk about being responsible for your audience!

John Madden begins with the ridiculously catchy hook: “Football John Madden/ Move em out just like passing/ Steve Kerr you want static/ Wave my stick jus like magic”, keeping Rra Rage’s famous chilled-back flow while exuding the ultimate confidence and self-admiration. We like a rap artist who doesn’t have to yell to convince the public. Also, the chorus is unexpectedly melodic and Rra Rage manages to sound mostly still like himself while being on key, which means that naturally he’s got a good ear and at minimum gifted with relative pitch. Rra Rage, you’re in the right career field. You were born for this.

The first verse is very depictive in aggressive intentions and the voice mirrors that life-on-the-edge feeling by almost cracking in many places but then again, it never does. Rra Rage stays in control of it at all times: “Out of town out and back again/ On a line fish we reeled you in/ Dropping dimes in a wishing well/ Hospitalized momma wishing well”- ouch! After more details on the same note, Rra Rage makes a very unlikely comparison, one that will shock those in tune with pop culture and mainstream scandals: “F*ckin’ bad b*tches Tristan Thompson/ F*ck a rich b*tch don’t need a sponsor/ They all actin bad and need an oscar/ I cross they path and I’m an option”, I have to admit, I never thought of Tristan Thompson as a winner, but… he did get on only with very beautiful women. Interesting new angle.

The 2nd verse is more fun, actually the most fun out of the 3, showcasing the material abundance and the privileges that come with it: “Bling Bling on our fingers/ Move the package like courier/ … A Nicki Minaj on the bus for us/ Steve Jobs in her butt for us/ (we actually had to replay to make sure we heard that right 😀 )/ Need a job then come f*ck with us/ Ball hard like we whipped up” Rra Rage is not here to play. He’s here to entertain.

After another hook, the 3rd verse comes to complete the package and reinforce once more the high-risk, insanely dangerous, materially satisfying world the artist has chosen to be part of: “Residue got my wife sneezing/ B*tch tired and her eyes bleeding/ Teapot in the spot screaming/ Long drive I’m on the couch sleeping/ Couple pies for some high spenders/ Do it big like a true center

With a plethora of vivid imagery and unfiltered details, John Madden is a song not to be taken too seriously but to rather be consumed as a moment in time, a frozen memory of a real-life person making certain moves to get certain outcomes. Whatever perspective you choose to look from, it is up to you, the listener. We gave you the tools to navigate this record.

Song Credits: Music – Phillip Cahlil Fernandez, Music and lyrics – Juane Dontrell Bullock

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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