Hold Me Back By Rob Jones TV, A One-In-A-Million Acoustic To Rock Metamorphosis

You can feel his beautiful essence sparkling right from the start when you hear his affectionate voice singing soulfully while playing that suave guitar. It’s Rob Jones TV’s Hold Me Back we’ll be talking about today. This record will absorb you in its lyrics, immerse you in its mood, and touch you to the core. The best part? It becomes a complete and total beast by the end. Listening to it from start to finish is like witnessing the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Unique, thrilling, and unforgettable.

Help me waste another hour/ Don’t tell me I’m beyond my bed/ My heart is beating my alarm/ Guess I’ll stay awake instead” the way he goes deep when singing bed is just perfection. So casual, so chill, so into it. And then Rob Jones TV uplifts the expectations by vocally emphasizing instead while showing stability and control at the same time. Dashingly good. ❤

Then he proceeds with a subsequent lyrical increase, getting very real with the audience and singing about his shortcomings: “Closing time we carry on/ Don’t ring the bell when it’s too late/ I’ll miss tomorrow when it’s gone/ Then hate myself for same mistakes” daaamn, that hit hard 😦 on the other hand, I’d like you to notice how tenaciously he dropped the before same mistakes. This is songwriting at its finest! Independent artists need to take notes because too often you’re afraid of sacrificing prepositions and articles, and end up compromising the rhythmic pattern of the lyrics. The words MUST fit perfectly the number of pre-established syllables in order to be catchy. Rob Jones TV is a prime example of how to do it RIGHT!

In the pre-build to the hook, Rob Jones TV is speaking with an authoritarian tone while ironically pleading at the same time: “So hold me back from all I know/ Show me that you’ll be there too/ Save my bones and help me through regret”, making the message that more touching. He’s able to create a beautiful, cold image with few words. Wow indeed! “Oh hold me back/ Hold me back/ Oh hold me back/ Hold me back”- simple but effective. The hook lets Rob Jones TV’s vocal abilities shine and go at full power.

The second verse of the song exposes the artist’s self-awareness and self-judging thoughts: “Wash away my promises and/ Try another day instead/ Taken over by the thrill/ I’m flying and I can’t go wrong” the totality of Rob Jones TV’s thoughts and conflicting conclusions are refreshing as he shows a gray area instead of the usual black and white narrative. And gray is what the entire world is like. This is what we know and live in on a daily basis. Finally, an artist that doesn’t exaggerate or diminish human nature: “Faking I don’t give a damn/ I’m floating but it won’t be long

After one repeat of the usual hook, we’re suddenly witnessing an insane progression from an acoustic, laid back song to a bonafide rock record 😯 Rob Jones TV snatches all of your attention right into the middle of that electric guitar, those aggressive drums, that one of a kind strong voice he’s gifted with ❤ and those Wooooos! he’s gliding over those high notes effortlessly!

Rob Jones TV shares the contagious glory of real, organic music in his latest release Hold Me Back along with his phenomenal voice that’ll have you falling hard for it. It’s a song that echoes the gray tones of the human spirit at crossroads, when change is wanted but not acted on. It is simply put, an essential masterpiece for lovers of good music.

Song Credits: Produced, mixed, written and all instruments performed by Rob Jones TV at Manor Studio Essex  seriously??? not only you sing like a God, you also have musician super powers? 😯

Make sure you add this incredible song to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Amazon HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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