7 Massive Advantages To Starting Out Broke In The Music Industry

When I tell you that many rich musicians miss the times they were broke, you better believe that is FACTS. Today you’ll learn why poverty actually pushes you in the right direction faster than money does. You can quite seriously become an unmovable rock when you’re deprived of financial freedom. A rock that will learn how to move the right away, at the right angle, with the right speed in order to advance. You were BLESSED to find your authenticity and you will do so successfully when you understand WHY this will all work in your favor! Read below to discover your 7 major blessings in disguise!

7. You learn NOW how to save big in the FUTURE.

When you’re advertising your brand on very little to no dollars, you learn how to optimize and squeeze the maximum possible value out of every single penny you invest. Instead of just spending $500 to test and find your audience, you target directly the age, location, interests and learn to think from a fan’s perspective because you only have $50 to run an ad campaign. That will save you money that otherwise you’d have to pay a specialized company to run your ads. Which is stupid if you’re not making millions of dollars a year in income. No one should be that ignorant or that lazy to avoid doing the research that will lay the foundation for your fan base.

6. You get to know your future team’s roles and work attributes.

Imagine you’re given a million dollars and told you can only spend it running a home restoration company. What anyone would do in that situation is hire someone else that knows all about this industry, and have THEM in charge of the entire company. But good luck if that guy/girl starts pocketing the profits while you’re thinking that you’re about to file for chapter 11. This is quite literally what happens to artists that never dealt with the business side of their music career prior to getting signed. They receive too much money they don’t know how to spend effectively and more often than not, go broke and watch their careers go down in flames. Kreayshawn is the most famous case in point. Well, good news for you. When you start broke you learn every single job function you need to run a stable business. You will know exactly how much is supposed to go in one album production, in successful marketing campaign budgeting, in touring funds AND the expected return on investment in music sales, streams, and merch. No one will be able to screw you over.

5. Your network is real and based off your talent.

Another thing independent artists are not aware of is that their connections exist mostly based on their pure talent. Meaning their supporters stick around because they truly love their music as they don’t have any other reasons to support them for. When you’re rich, you get temporary supporters that keep their eyes on your pockets. When you’re famous, you got massive flocks of clout chasers faking their love for your music while they just want that repost or shout out. But as soon as you’re not popular anymore, they disappear along with their likes, shares, comments. Be proud and happy if you’re able to build a following without fame or money. That is worth more than you’ll ever be able to get your head around.

4. You are forced to take your creativity to the next level.

That abandoned car under the bridge? Great prop for a grungy music video. The fun sound the ice makes when it first cracks in the water? Dope fx effect that you can record with your phone and include in your next track. Your grandpa ranting about the apocalypse and the WAP? Hilarious intro for your next song. There’s an infinite number of creative props surrounding you ONLY if you open your eyes and ears to it. And when you don’t, the lack of finances will obligate you to pay attention and become resourceful 😎

3. Your mistakes are forgivable.

All artists start from zero. Even your biggest favorite celebs got cringey music videos that they want forever deleted off the internet. Your lack of money will excuse your dumb choices both visually and acoustically. No one will tell you your song was wack when you reveal you ain’t even had the money for rent. Free pass for experimenting and failing over and over again! πŸ˜‰

2. You get more knowledge than you could pay for!

Hand in hand with all mentioned above, you will also learn many, many technical aspects of the music industry, like the video bit rate, the preferred ratio for different video platforms, the standard RGB color scheme for TV and computers, the necessary photo formats for different outlets, the microphone types and characteristic uses, the required power supply if you record in the States opposed to recording in Europe, etc etc etc immeasurable knowledge that otherwise you wouldn’t be exposed or immersed into. You learn as you go and that will give you more real-life value than any Master’s Degree.

1. You grow into your real self.

You know how they say you gotta kiss your fair share of frogs until you meet your prince? That is exactly how you also become successful in the music industry. In the beginning you will make a sh*tload of mistakes and bad decisions BUT… overtime you keep chiseling your music and your brand in the direction you’re truly comfortable with, and when you understand 100% WHO you actually are as a musician, that’s when you go at full speed in the business because now your core is untouchable. And do you know how you discover who you really are? When you’re under pressure and face adversity. Money can help you dodge many issues, but by skipping those uncomfortable situations altogether, you create this shield made of funds, and if those funds ever get depleted, you sir, or ma’am, will become real desperate real fast and act a fool. Don’t hide behind money. Let the struggle be your guide.

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