Champion By Tristan Cole ft. Tia P, The Most Uplifting Pop-Rap Collab Of 2020

The intro is worthy of a Super Bowl commercial. The sound is gigantic, the mood is grave, the cinematography – epic. Tristan Cole teamed up with Tia P. to bring an iconic song to everyone in need of a “keep going” memo, and it’s rightfully titled Champion. It’s a record that will deeply move you as you’ll feel it was written for you and you alone. It’s a serious rarity to come across songs that make the listener the main subject of the record’s narrative. We found it though! For every single one of you that learned resilience the hard way, this one is for you ❤

Been knocked down a few times but it made you strong/ And even through tough times felt like you don’t belong, no” go the first lines of Champion as we get introduced to Tristan Cole’s warm and comforting voice. Then soon after, the instrumental along with Tristan’s tonality increase in space and weight picking up momentum: “But you never gave up and against all odds/ You still came out on top/ When you lay it on the line you know you can’t be stopped/ And I know”, this beautiful build-up was molded with intention, preparing the audience for the upcoming fascinating chorus. But before we dive into it, a major shout out to Tristan Cole and his team for the breathtaking visuals! Every person seems to carry a meaningful and somber story in their eyes. Each movement has a place and role in the storyline. The music video pushes the song’s message that much further. Champion could very well survive on audio material alone, but it becomes undeniable with the music video. ❤

I know you fought so hard and now you won your heart/ You are the number one the champion/ And now your victory goes down in history/ You are the number one the champion” goes the earworm of a hook, a great one at that. It is melodic, significant, and extraordinarily captivating. Tristan Cole might remind you of Adam Levine from Maroon 5, both in the singing style and the looks department ⭐ that usually turns out to be a great asset to upcoming artists as it helps ease promoting their image to a global level. You got it Tristan!

The second verse bubbles with delight and a tinge of vengeance: “Bring on the rivals who try to take us down/ You’re the hero and now it’s time you wear the crown/ ‘Cause there’s a fire that they can’t see/ And I believe in you and me” – woah! that sweet, appealing voice could make even a warning sound like a compliment 😆 Tristan Cole, the power of your voice is scary!

After the 2nd hook, we get a marvelous rap verse from Tia P., whose voice meshes insanely well with Tristan’s. I don’t know how these 2 found each other but they knew what they were doing. “I know when it’s dark outside/ Stumbling around tryna find that light/ Like when the battle’s up here/ When you don’t know how to feel/ That’s the time for you to show your skill” – spits Tia P. Her voice is electrifying and hits with a precise cadence enough to make you remember her voice forever 😯 She’s good and she knows it.

Another hook that by now you’ve memorized by heart, and we’ve reached the end of the 3 minutes and 12 seconds of Champion. This is a record of noble dignity, of unusual grace, and of tremendous importance. It is so easy to talk about oneself and so much harder to focus entirely on the listener and connect with him/her whoever that may be. Tristan Cole and Tia P. have put together a most uplifting, encouraging, and much-needed strength anthem for winners.

Song Credits: Written by Tristan Cole, Brian Stallings, Mod G, and Tia P.

Make sure you add this veritable record to your daily playlists on Tidal HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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