Show U by Skillz Loc, When Meshing R&B With Rap Results In Hit Material

Skillz Loc has put 3 other artists on his Show U single, Baby Bash, Simes Carter, and Steven Rowin, making this meaningful song an important collaboration and beneficial to all artists involved. We always appreciate when the main artist shares the spotlight, as they’re incredibly rare to come by. Skillz Loc created this track as a sign of solidarity with women who suffered from toxic relationships and now need to be reminded of their real value. What makes it even better, is that Show U is presented to the audience as an affectionate track with its roots in rap and with its melodic factor in R&B vocals. In times of red-pill guys inundating YouTube, this is a song that will find plenty of love and support from women from all walks of life.

The song starts off with the very breezy, charming voice by Simes Carter who gives us a hint of the hook: “Let me show you love/ Let me show you love”. For all songwriters reading this, I want you to pay attention. Notice how the audience was offered a sneak peek into the catchiest part of the song without actually revealing it. This is something I strongly believe we will start hearing more of from this day on. It is quite simply… Genius! If you give away all the goods too soon too fast, the public tends to lose the hype as the song progresses along. But when you know how to withhold enough to make them stick around for longer, you’ve hit Jackpot!

Skillz Loc goes to rap the first verse and surprisingly, he sounds extremely calm, assuring, and confident. I used the word surprisingly because his brand image gives off a rather in-your-face type of vibe, while he is actually super likable on the track: “Now come and ride with me/ All the way to the top like we’re flying overseas/ Let me show you what love means”. Skillz Loc raps with a cadence that is on the verge of sounding like spoken word, which was most intelligent of him to use on Show U as this way he bridges the gap between the suave hook and the rap verses of the other 2 artists as well. He knew to adapt his rap in such a manner as to make the entire song sound cohesive and better, not just himself. This is a good songwriter right here!

Skillz Loc then proceeds to profess his loyalty and devotion for his significant other: “No matter what baby I got you/ I’ll always care for you/ I’ll be your antidote/ Treat you like a queen/ I’ll give you what the planet holds/ Protect you for life/ I’ll never let your hand go/ Shine in the day/ And make it through storms” I noticed something most peculiar and interesting in his rhyming pattern. He creates unexpected combinations that rhyme but not necessarily in the classic order while still sounding all like pieces of a perfect puzzle. It is almost as if Skillz Loc managed to find a way to rap an essay through the use of occasional rhymes. And when he switches his flow, he yet again does something no one else dares to: ties up the upcoming flow pattern into the current one by breaking it smoothly with a prolonged word, or absence of a rhyme. His rap manners are most uncommon and unique, which, in the long run, could either go really bad or impressively well. We’ll bet on the second option because his twists and turns sound intentional. Therefore, he must be knowing what he’s doing.

Then we get introduced to the entire hook: “Let me show you love (x2)/ Let me show you that thug love/ Baby I can’t get enough/ Your body on my body/ Let me show you love”, with the only indication of a rap presence during the hook being the use of the word thug. It sounds harsh when you read it, but perfect when you hear it on the song.

Then the 2nd verse is a welcome change but while apparently classic in its structure, when dissected, it is actually very non-traditional as well, relying on inside rhymes rather than the end-of-the-bar pattern: “Now from the bottom of my heart/ Let me start by telling you/ That we’re a team/ ain’t no dreams I’m selling you” heart goes with start and team with dreams. Fascinating! Somehow it feels like we’re witnessing the creation of new school rap music.

Show U is a song that merges two drastically different genres and manages to keep both Rap and RnB genuine and clean, by letting each artist do his own thing. And we guarantee Skillz Loc will find his place on your playlist as he courageously touched a topic that most rappers have long given up on.

Song Credits: Simes Carter – producer.

Make sure you add this modern rap balad to your playlists on Amazon Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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