7 Things You Should Try At Least Once In Your Lifetime As A Performer

This article is dedicated to performers in particular. If you’re the guy/gal that is responsible for what comes out the other end of the mic, this one’s for you. We’ll help you put in focus things you maybe have not thought about until today, things that will change your perspective on live performing, and most likely, your personality forever as well. Enjoy 😉

7. An outrageously dramatic performance.

Think Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings. That’s the level of epicness you should aim for at least once in your lifetime as an artist. You will be surprised at your own inner hero that’s laying there dormant waiting for the flashy costumes and the bright lights to show up! And you will also have an epic performance or an epic memory 😀 worth the try nonetheless!

6. Being accompanied by a live band.

We get that you got a cool producer and an even cooler sound engineer, but… no amount of mastery in Pro Tools and Logic will ever replace the organic energy that comes from an entire song being performed LIVE! Any song of yours can be transposed to an organic composition. Just hire the right band and you’re good to go! Don’t be petty and miss out on legendary performances just because it costs paying these individuals to do their job. Your return on investment will be new-found credibility, fame (all band members will most likely share photos and videos from their collaboration on stage with you which equals multiplied REAL exposure!), new friends, and unimaginable confidence as a singer! Worth every dollar ⭐

5. A start-to-finish choreography.

You’re a good singer? great! You can hold your notes even live? awesome! Can you dance? even better! Now, how about you put all of your performing skills together and learn a complete choreography for at least one song of yours? Whether you do it solo, or preferably with professional dancers, it’s a MUST on your checklist as an artist. If it may be of help to you, many celebrities discovered they’re pretty good at putting on complex shows after trying their hand at dancing in sync for one song! Start now while you’re not dealing with arthritis or osteoporosis yet 😉

4. An acapella performance or at least intro.

Just like a lot of movement on stage will create a moment in time that will become history for both you and your fans, the same effect can and will be created by a very solo performance. When it’s just you and your audience, no instruments or visual effects, you have the opportunity to forge a deep connection between you and every person present in that venue. If an entire solo song sounds boring or scary to you, do at least a 30-second intro. We promise, you’ll love it.

3. Dueting with a fan on stage.

If you good enough and consistent enough to get to the level where you can pack a club and people know your songs by heart, you HAVE GOT TO pull up one on stage and sing together! You’ll make everyone’s day and that fan’s year. You will feel like all your work has mounted up to this very moment. Everything will make sense and you’ll understand the depth with which you have influnced so many people all this time. Do it. Do it. Do it.

2. A rockstar moment.

Whether you grab the mic stand and start walking with it, slide down on your knees, headbang, surf the crowd, stick your tongue out and pose like a villain, every performer must feel that rush that comes with showing off at least one rockstar move. These iconic elements can be intercalated in just about any genre. Make sure that you got a photographer on standby though! You may not get many chances to do it again! Document your own epicness.

1. Shock Moment.

Like most artists, you probably have your own very characteristic manners and performing tactics. Never get lazy though. At least once in your career go out of your comfort zone and do something no one was suspecting you’re good at. It can be something physical, verbal, or visual. Just don’t lie to the audience. Remember when Katy Perry tried fooling us into believing she could play the flute? LOL big, unforgettable, shameful moment in her track record. You always keep a somber clothing style? Dress up in a red bodysuit under your usual outfit and shock your crowd when they least expect it. You always spit rap bars? Learn how to sing a jazz piece and infiltrate it in your last song of the performing set. You always stay on stage? Get off it and shake hands with your public while singing. Whatever you are known for doing, SWITCH IT UP and you’ll have major organic attention and word-of-mouth going for you.

You are an entertainer. Go bananas. This might be your only life to live, and if it is, make sure you cross off interesting things off your bucket list as an artist.

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