Stumblin On By John Chantry, A Finely-Moulded Power Ballad

The very first piano chords start off in great delight, shocking and awakening the audience to the immediate understanding that this record packs plenty of vintage value and sentimental weight. John Chantry’s Stumblin On single brings intentional fervourous lyrics veiled in a most melodic and gracious musical composition. If you had to read the lyrics before you actually hear the song itself you’d think this is an artist calling for a global rise, but then when you hit the Play button, you’re suddenly realizing this is a multi-layered, sophisticated ballad. And you love every second of it.

How right do you wanna be? how wrong do you think I am?/ How many years you’re running around now I don’t give damn/ Cheaters don’t win and winners don’t cheat/ You can take it all away but I’m still not beat” We were not ready for this level of depth hitting us from the start 😮 And keep in mind this is only a preliminary setting for a further plunge in the upcoming lyrics. With a veracious calling, John Chantry effortlessly addresses what seems to be, the entire range of liars in this world (literally anyone could fall in this category, from toxic exes to double-faced politicians, they all get burned at the same damn time 😀 ): “Tell your story in the front page news/ You can make it all up however you choose/ But if it’s wrong, it won’t take long/ You’ll still be singing that same ole song/ And I’m stumblin’ onHis remarkably rich baritone voice places Stumblin On in a lane of its own. I dare you to find another 2020-produced power ballad that is actually this good. Spoiler Alert: you won’t.

“People like you use people like me/ Round and round and round to eternity/ It’s not right but we keep holdin’ on/ Afraid to stumble, afraid to fall/ I’m stumblin on” unfolds the chorus of Stumblin On. Curiously enough, that reciprocal people using people narrative reminds us strongly of an era when such genuine songs were the order of the day (Sweet Dreams anyone?), an era that us Millennials didn’t live 🙂 ah… there’s nothing like the nostalgia of a time you didn’t actually experience on your own skin 😦 Oh well, we have artists like John Chantry to take us back in time with his message, vocal mannerism, and mixing and mastering production style.

The 2nd verse becomes rather personal, emphasizing the very artistic goodbye John Chantry presents us with: “I ain’t gonna take ya back I gotta brand new plan/ I’m takin’ my songs to another stage/ You ain’t gonna hear my voice today/ Packin’ what’s left I’m loadin’ it up/ Wavin’ goodbye and I wish you luck” Despite the breakup vibes we get, John’s voice makes the after-effect of Stumblin On to be a soothing and calming one for the audience. A deeply peaceful atmosphere that indicates emotional growth and the strength to move on.

If you’re in need of a meaningful but tranquil record, Stumblin On might just be the right one for you. John Chantry is an artist carrying musical traces to times that were unaffected by the internet, letting the audience engulf itself in a beautiful, retro cloud.

Song Credits: Ken Nickel – Writer, Composer, Guitar Player, Recording Engineer, Producer; John Chantry – Composer, Artist, Keyboard Player, Producer; Mastered and Distributed by LANDR.

Make sure you add this outstanding song to your playlists on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 


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