Inside Cries By Tru3 D3finition ft. King James, A Weighty Rap-RnB Affidavit Of Real-Life Endurance

The sinister cover is a big, fat hint of what’s about to drop during the song. However, it can’t transmit you the beauty of the music, the depth of the lyrics, and the ensemble of artists coming together for this record. Tru3 D3finition’s Mitch Millions and World Pramyre got King James with them on a terrific accomplishment named Inside Cries. It is a song that masterfully grasps the overwhelming reality, specifically the darker times and situations like grief, loss, death. It narrates the events with just as much bluntness as life herself hits you with when she feels like it.

Sit back and relax, and let me ease my mind/ Twist me up a blunt just to remember those times/ I just got the word; that my homie just died/ And I can’t hide the cries, I can’t hold it inside.” – sings beautifully World Pramyre in a voice that is slightly raspy and goes on the edge feeling like it just might crack at times but then, it never does. This is a skilled singer. And he impresses even more so during the first verse, singing his thoughts in a manner that seems like he is naturally sharing his deepest ideas rather than reciting a pre-planned statement:I just received a call, more like a relayed message/ That one of my family members been found messy/ Crazy how I just sung at a funeral/ and now I’m singing at another funeral” you have got to appreciate how World Pramyre started off the song with a personal revelation. It’s a sad premise but with a phenomenal starting point. The verse goes to culminate right around here: “Shedding more blood and tears over the years/ Learn to face fear, that’s why I’m still here/ I’m from Memphis, and just like the jungle it’s survival of the fittest”.

The second verse belongs to the other member of Tru3 D3finition, Mitch Millions, who kicks it off with a direct conversation with the audience: “So many lost souls, some young and some old/ When it’s your time to go, feel the feeling you know/ You never prepare or get used to the pain” – honestly, this is one of the finest songs expansively detailing grief while not making you feel like sh*t. It actually acts like a therapist that’s on your side, understanding your emotions while telling you everything will be alright and that it all comes down to the big life cycle in the end: “I keep having these dreams and her father keeps screaming/ My cousin gets shot and they can’t stop the bleeding/ When God takes a life, then another one’s born/ My son for my cousin, his name will live on” raps in a cadent manner Mitch Millions while adapting his rhymes absolutely flawlessly to the beat and the syllable pattern. This is a rapper who knows how to create an impactful verse while keeping his authenticity. Note the way he makes the bars sound almost like a fast-paced prayer. A true touch of the artist.

The 3rd artist is a welcome addition, sounding like the perfect mix between the deep voiced World Pramyre and the tenor rap bars of Mitch Millions. King James chose a different path to go about lyrically. He is adressing the lost ones directly, detailing about his memories, looking back at old pictures, the engulfing feeling of missing them, and the sad resignation he has to deal with on a daily basis (“Brother from another mother/ I know it sound so cliché but it’s real”) King James is increasingly daring with his flow, switching it up almost every rhyme.

Inside Cries is a strong, resolute, clean song swimming in a very acute awareness of life’s grim cards while flaunting a beautiful RnB voice with two other bonafide rappers. You owe it to yourself, especially if you ever had to grieve, to listen to this song.

Song Credits: Written and Composed by Mitch Millions and World Pramyre of Tru3 D3finition, featuring King James; Tru3 Ink Productions; Produced by Ondrej supitar – (Sign the Czech Boyz)

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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