Top 10 Most Inspirational Rap Records of 2020

The beauty of the independent music sphere is that it provides everything the mainstream fails to bring to the table. And easily, the number one thing they’re lacking 90% of the time, is meaning and depth. You’re in luck today though. We compiled 10 rap records that feel like soul fragments collected from these artists’ lives. Each song thrills with intent and knowledge getting ever so close to the edge of the unexplored. Enjoy and support good music by sharing both the article and the songs you liked most!

10. Walking To The Moon By Bacon Fist

Bacon Fist is a rap duo made of Josh Incorvaia and Porthead Beatz created more than 12 years ago. In their Walking To The Moon track, they went full astronaut mode. Meaning they abandoned any preconceived notion of supposed music or rap flow and pretty much created a new genre of its own by exploiting the boundaries of multiple genres simultaneously. It’s not trap, it’s not rap, it’s not hip hop, it’s not dark pop, but it is all 4 at the same damn time. With lyrics that depict rather accurately how we were all trapped inside our own heads during the global lockdown, Walking To The Moon is one of the finest inspirational-LSD-ish type of song without requiring you to consume anything 😀 (Add on Spotify HERE)

9. Keys To The City By Tyrek

Tyrek has the rare ability to efficiently portray an entire scenery in few words. In his Keys To The City record, Tyrek draws in the audience through his extremely visual description that is immersed in mental reflections and emotional concepts. His voice is super calming and your mind will be entertained by the absence of the usual modern ad-libs or oversaturated music compositions. The message is all about reflecting upon oneself, learning patience, using your potential. A more proper title once you’re done listening to the song, would be Keys To Your Soul. Fabulous! (Add on Spotify HERE)

8. F*ck Love By Ali X

With a piano that connects with your ears immediately, F*ck Love by Ali X goes all the way in when talking about past toxic girlfriends, broken hearts, irresponsibility, disappointment. Nobody will understand you better as a man let down by a woman as Ali X. He got that magic touch when he raps and his energy is focused around every single bar. His charisma is palpable and his voice insta-likable. Even as a woman, you’ll understand him fully and completely. A big-time favorite on our playlist! (Add on Spotify HERE)

7. Broken By SP Sargeant

Give it up for English rap! More specifically for SP Sargeant who’s the only English rapper who made it on this list. Broken might just be the top cinematic record out of the 10. The music is outstandingly captivating and soothing with actual wind blowing through from start to end. The narrative underlines personal growth, both financial and emotional struggle, the ability to overcome those, and precious wisdom valid for any age and time. (Add on Spotify HERE)

6. Family Matters By Scrybe

Imagine having 3 generations of your family leaving words of advice to you in one single song. That is exactly what Family Matters by Scrybe is about. Scrybe does something extremely untraditional on this record: he goes to share the whys and hows of not chasing a record deal anymore but generational wealth instead. Mind you, most artists brag about their possessions while they’re all possessed by their record labels o_O Scrybe is on to something. He is one of the pioneers of the new rising industry, an industry where old-school behemoths will cry out loud trying to push their few mainstream artists left and right while independent artists will steadily and confidently grow. Cheers to the better future! ⭐ (Add on Spotify HERE)

5. Be Alright By L.A.V. ft. Frank Scotch

The upcoming Bronx rapper L.A.V. has long been cooking high-quality rap music and superior bars and flow. What is very admirable in Be Alright is that L.A.V. invested in a whole music video, a prominent pop acoustic artist, and high-end mix and mastering. The essence of this record lays in the artist’s blunt revelations of fighting his inner demons, succumbing to worldly temptations, and still finding a resolution to this human mess we’re all cursed and blessed with. Think of the old-school Eminem but more mature in his logic and more optimistic about life’s longterm outcome. (Add on Spotify HERE)

4. Baby Momma Drama Queen By Frankie Da GameSpitta ft. Coleone

This one’s a big, thumping, uncompromising record that is radio-ready and an instant earworm. Frankie Da GameSpitta went in on Baby Momma Drama Queen and explained in plentiful details the overly-complicated dynamic of toxic co-parenting. The undertones of anger, frustration, and even sadness are a huge presence on the track while leaving intact the melodic appeal. Double yum for your ears! ❤ (Add on Spotify HERE)

3. Inside Cries By Tru3 D3finition ft. King James

Despite being the freshest addition to our supported records, Inside Cries rightfully gets the 3rd spot on this list as it hits harder than a brick in your face. No joke. Deep lyrics? Check. Catchy hook? Check. Veritable artists? Check. Inside Cries has the holy triad of elements that comprise a legend-status song. Do not listen if you’re trying to cure yourself of depression. But DO LISTEN if you’re taking your loved ones for granted and feel like you got all the time in the world. Because the truth is: you don’t. (Add on Spotify HERE)

2. Dash by Lex-D ft. Freewyo

What appears to be a flex song initially, turns into a deep analysis of how one turns his destiny around, of how using the right mental attributes takes you further than trying to cheat the system. Dash by Lex-D ft. Freewyo is an immense combo song: hard beat, sick flow, smart rhymes, multi-layered meaning, and 2 rappers counterbalancing each other, one being hella sarcastic and funny, and the other one stupidly charming and with a deeper-than-the-Mariana-trench bass voice. (Add on Spotify HERE)

1. Toxic By Jay Nitz

Toxic is an undeniable record of dour nature that transcends the musical aspect and becomes an open conversation about women suffering from physical and emotional abuse from their partners. Jay Nitz marvels the audience with his vivid presence and the double skill of singing perfectly on-key and rapping like a veteran in this game. His lyrics of infinite precision and acutely tuned to the topic in question, make him stand out and deservingly be awarded the number one spot on this list. (Add on Spotify HERE)

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