Ride for tha Faith by Stevie Sightz, When Ambition And God Come Together In A Weighty Rap Record

The intensity Ride for tha Faith grants the audience with, is one to talk about for days. Stevie Sightz might have just created his best song yet. With a ravenous appetite for proving himself, his artistry, and his beliefs, Stevie Sightz took his credibility as a rap artist to the next level with his Ride for The Faith single. His original lines of thought excitedly lead the public to many areas of his personal life while also addressing a hot topic, like mask-wearing.

Stevie Sightz kicks off the song with a chill intro, introducing himself and speaking to the audience in a monologue-like manner. And at 22 seconds in, he raps with an obvious fervency, dropping pop culture references quite early in: “60 miles an hour/ Pushing down the mile ah/ Million likes’ll give you Power/ No Kanan/ No Milk and Honey/ For fame its/ Appeal for Money/ No gains/ Goodwill Hunting/ Matt/ Damon-/Been Borne again”. His lyrical concentration then smoothly shifts towards more serious topics: “Colder than 33 degrees but I’m not a/ Mason/ They been sleeping on me/ So crank it till they all awaken”, “Jesus loves you/ The homie told me he was damaged/ The preacher took advantage/ Got em wildin’ now he savage”. Stevie’s rhyming style generally leans towards classic hip hop but he is bold and creates rhymes within rhymes that don’t necessarily fall right where the flow has its cadence. If usually, this is a major risk, Stevie Sightz successfully alters his initial bar pattern while still sounding lyrically stylish and cohesive.

The hook is abundant in ad-libs, bridging the gap between the very laid-back instrumental and Stevie Sightz’s boiling energy: “Yo I live for the man/ So I’ll die for the faith- ( yeah )/ I Ride for the faith. (I’m riding for it)/ I’ll ride for the faith- (facts)”. The Biblical references the artist keeps immerging his song in repeatedly can’t pass without remark. They are the glue of Ride for tha Faith and help unifying the message it sends. Which summed in a few words would be: the more you level up, the closer you get to God.

The 2nd verse is where Stevie Sightz lays all of his cards on the table: “Somebody been praying for me/ Too many shots was prepared for me/ The devil missed/ Jesus hands on me/ Every attack/ Bead it like rosaries”. You see, Stevie Sightz did song structure RIGHT. You leave the best for last and that is exactly what he did. With his characteristic energy, the artist engages in a lyrical snowball effect on the record, going from false prophets, walking on water like Peter, to the current post-pandemic status and the afterlife: “People wearing a mask/ But people been wearing mask”, “These chains is phony/ Heavenly streets are real Gold”. Stevie Sightz ends the song with a bang: “But I ain’t leaving/ Since the Father fight to keep me/ I’m riding till I ain’t breathing/ Yeah!”, leaving a long-lasting impression on anybody and everybody that listened to the song all the way till the end.

If you ever wondered about God’s involvement in your destiny and ambition, Ride for tha Faith is the sign you’ve been waiting for. With a convincing impression of sincerity, Stevie Sightz will easily make his way to your brain and ears. He gifted us with a song that simultaneously comprises spiritual awareness and going for your goals.

Song Credits: Steven Williams (Stevie Sightz) – Writer; Othello Kwaidah for Othello beats – Producer; DeeHues photography – Photographer; Toneworx Studios Grosbeck Michigan – Mixing, Recording, Mastering.

Make sure you add this very unique record to your playlists on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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